Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Cold. It's Winter. And?

So here I sit...Tuesday afternoon around dinner time and local schools are already closing up shop for tomorrow. School today was closed yesterday afternoon due to the temperature and windchill. Truth be told, I was pretty amazed to see a "-11F" on my weather app when I woke up this morning at 5:30am. Without the wind, minus 11...now that's cold around here! As for precipitation, there hasn't been a flake. Actually, it's been sunny all day and got into the mid-single-digits. We hit the bottom as far as this arctic blast and tomorrow morning, it'll be single digits and rising into the teens and nothing but sunny skies...but schools are closing. Why, oh why?! We live in the north and not even the REAL north like Minnesota or Wisconsin. Even my girls' music lessons got canceled tonight. So we turn on the car, heat it up, put on our coats and go...right?! I just am growing quickly tired of this fear of the cold. Before I end my rant, let me say this: So the governor of Ohio is being asked to add calamity days to the current school year because schools are afraid they are going to run out and have to extend the school year by a few days. How about this?: Actually TEACH through the last day of school instead of treating the last week like a constant recess/party and you won't need any more days! Ok...anyways...

So on my last post Saturday morning, I was debating whether or not to head into the high winds, blowing snow, and total misery of a day for a few miles. I did head out and like just like every other run, I loved it...even got the best-ever selfie out of it! I shot this photo after covering a stretch where the snow was blowing horizontal at me and I pulled down my hat to cover my skin. Best ever, right?! I got in a cool 7 miles on Saturday afternoon and even got passed by a snowmobile...on the road. First time for that!

Have I mentioned that running outside in these temperatures are only crazy to those who are ill-prepared and/or ill-informed? There is running gear out there readily available to make it happen. A pair of SportHill pants that I have is designed solely for these kinds of temperatures. Are they pricey? Sure are...and these are at least 5 years old. They really are an investment that, if taken care of properly, will last you YEARS. I can't tell you the last time I bought winter running gear...well, except for the winter hat pictured above...and that wasn't even meant for running but it turns out to be the best winter running hat ever! Anyway, the gear exists and there is so much beauty to be seen in the winter months...and all months, for that matter. You just need to educate yourself on what to get, do some research, ask around, and get it.

So Sunday, it was a new running week and I saw a great sunrise about to happen so I headed out for a nice 10-miler on snow-packed roads before church and caught an awesome sunrise as a reward. Gorgeous run and calm air all the way.

Monday was a rest day and a forced one in a way. I had a one hour drive north into Cleveland very early on horrible roads. I was perfectly fine with skipping a run and shooting for a frozen run today.

Today, like I mentioned earlier, it was minus 11 when I woke up but a forecast of nothing but sun and temperatures rising into the mid-single-digits this afternoon. When it hit 6F with a windchill of minus 6, I took a break from work and hit the road. If I could change anything about today's run, I would've worn my balaclava...my face did get very cold. Other than that, it was beautiful. I love how the landscape over the farmland looks with lots of snow that has been shaped by high winds and very cold temperatures. Super smooth and shimmery in the sun. Of course, I did capture a few photos along the way.

Love this shot...love me my iPhone timer app!
So yea...it's cold. To be blunt...get over it! I'm not being insensitive to close without a home or a warm home, for that matter. I'm talking about the excessive closing of schools, businesses, etc. all due to temperature. It's cold. It's winter. And?

Run Happy, friends...seriously, GET OUT THERE! :)

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