Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome, 2014

I at one point threw around the idea of a month-by-month recap of 2013. I find it's easy to live through and forget our busy lives. Looking at the calendar on the fridge over the last year might just drum up some good (or bad) memories. But that calendar got thrown away already...and so be 2013. Not a bad year, as compared to others in recent memory. Let's see, here...

I'm thankful...

For my health; for a warm home; bills being paid; being back in my Navy uniform on a full time basis; for a new and welcoming church home; healthy and beautiful children; for my bride of 21+ years; for a God who loves me despite my hourly/daily failures yet never leaves me...which simply boggles my mind; for the ability to run...and run for a long time; for sponsorships which lessen the financial needle while doing something I love to do; for eyes open to what's ahead and the willingness to adjust course as necessary; for people who accept me yet know we disagree on fundamental issues.

I struggle...

To know what the next step is supposed to be; in keeping my emotions/feeling inside to lessen the impact of those things on those who I hold closest; in having more than just a few very close relationships; in accepting me...simply (but not so simple); with a very high bar/standard yet not always realistic; many days in finding a reason to get up the next morning; with regrets of the past...seemingly, no amount of prayer will ever cure that; in liking that guy in the mirror; with smiling all too little.

I commit...

To smile more; to pray more and not just for me but for those around me; to look for opportunities to love more, acquire less; to keep looking for things to sell in my home or give away; to keep enjoying the run, no matter what waits out there for me; to not let the trap of social media destroy me; to do a better job at loving those I call closest; to be a better husband; to be the best dad I can be and hug my kids more; help other couples make budgets and stop drowning in debt; to find new reasons for waking up tomorrow...and every day thereafter; to remember this is my only shot at life and to regret not one decision or moment; to realize I will fail and it's how I rebound/recover that will determine my legacy and my impact to those around me.

I know...

There are more people watching than I realize; I am only here on Earth for a moment and where I'm going next...and I am excited for that day; I am capable of great things yet have no idea what they are and when they'll be; I am needed by my kids, even though I often think that's not true; I must raise my children or society will; I matter.

Now...there is fresh snow, thanks to the Lake Erie Snow Machine...and I must run...even if just for a few miles...gotta race in 72.

Happy New Year, Friends....thanks to many of you for being there...even silently. I ask for your prayers in this new year!

A verse I have to remember...and hold close...and commit to memory:

"Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for He has said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you." 

Hebrews 13:5 English Standard Version

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