Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Find Financial Peace

Back on Christmas 2009, my wife pulled me aside and nearly put me in strangle hold over our finances...figuratively, of course. In 17 years of marriage, we never had a budget, accrued plenty of debt yet I worked for a big insurance company, gave people financial advice, sold insurance, and held a Series 7 stockbroker license! Oh yea, I had my MBA, too. All of that...yet no budget. Our money told us where it was going and not the other way around. A source of seemingly never-ending stress with no end in sight is what "MONEY" represented. Then it all changed. We both read "Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover" and wrote our first budget. In October 2011, I was in Afghanistan, she was in Ohio, and "Uncle" Dave Ramsey was on a book tour in Texas and we did a 3-way call LIVE on the air and screamed "WE'RE DEBT FREE!!!!!" (that's the prize that most people look forward to doing when they reach the end of Baby Step 2) Back a few years ago, I wrote about the 7 Baby Steps in my own lingo to explain how all of this works and that post is one of my most-ever viewed posts. Most recently, a couple read it and called me. After spending 6 hours in their home last month with them, they have done a 180 degree turn and are charging ahead full steam ahead on a path of Financial Freedom. You can, too! Here's that post.

Since then, we've had some setbacks for sure, but we're still plugging along. Part of moving forward is helping others and we're leading our first Financial Peace University class, starting on April 3rd for 9 weeks. I just opened registration today so if you're interested, you can REGISTER HERE. We will be holding the class right in my home town at the Town Hall.

Stop debating it, stop putting it off, and start taking control. The HARDEST part is deciding to do it. Either live shackled by your debt and indecisions about money or live financially free, kill the debt, and give more than ever before. Yea...GIVE. That's a huge part of it and the intangible feeling of that is incredible.

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