Friday, January 10, 2014


It's been a great recovery week from last week's 50K. No issues of any kind post-race, a proper recovery, and in the social media world, my Twitter and Instagram accounts have blown up with new subscribers. I'm not entirely sure why but they are. (handles are RTRSBM for both)

I've actually been going a bit stir crazy over the last 48 hours with regards to not getting out there. Yesterday's schedule provided no time to run...just impossible. It still was a great day that began in Cleveland at a meeting for the Cleveland National Air Show where the U.S. Navy Blue Angels will perform one of their 34 shows this year. I was there representing Navy Recruiting in Ohio...partially a goal of why flight demonstration teams even recruit the finest enlisted sailors and officers into the Navy! Well little did I know until I walked in the room, Blue Angel #7 and two Blue Angel pilots were there to brief all the powers-that-be regarding the air show this Labor Day weekend. Yea...the actual Blue Angel Hornet was just outside the window! Afterwards, I chatted a bit with them, shook hands, and went on with my day...and they flew to Virginia Beach. :) Rough job, eh?!

So 10/10/10: Today's the 10th of January, I was on a slow, leisurely 10 miler on my favorite route on a balmy 34F morning, and while out there, I thought "Hey...why not try and capture 10 photos of the run?" It was still a bit before dawn so some are quite grainy but you'll get the 'picture.'

These German Shepherds greet me on every 10 miler. They bark and run mad along their invisible fence. I say "Hello" and run along.

Just past the German Shepherds this morning at the front of someone's driveway. Flash used...still dark.

"One gigantic snowball sandwich, please!"

 Easily the most photographed spot on my route. Love it all times of the year.
Sign of a successful corn harvest. The farmer who farms this land sometime uses his beautiful horses pulling a plow. Great man. If you've seen my Instagram profile photo, this is the same cornfield I'm standing in front of. (Instagram handle: RTRSBM)
Just an address sign, I know. But, I take the owner's paper to her every day I run by. Some 30+ years ago, she taught me Bible verses at my church and did her best to lead me. Today, she's widowed and I like to wave hello as I pass, take her the newspaper, and simply, just keep an eye on her. She's a great lady and someone I really respect.
 We call her "Big Oak." It's the 1-mile marker from our doorstep. Honestly, not even sure if it's an oak tree but that's her name!
 Beyond this grass is a field farmed by my wife's uncle. It's a soybean field. We were actually running together the day he and my wife's cousins were out there harvesting it last fall.
 This is looking under some evergreens over a pond. Silent today but through the summer, I'll hear cats scratching up these trees and bullfrogs making a ruckus as I run by. Cool little ecosystem in there.
Wide shot which represents much of my normal running landscape...rolling farmland. Very clear these days but soon, the crops will rise again.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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