Monday, September 27, 2010

Penn & Teller's Flag Burning

Say what?  Flag burning?  Go with me, here.  Take 4+ minutes and watch it.  Don't may just go out and put your flag back up after watching it.  Enjoy!

M-Cubed for 9/27/2010

Monday Morning Musings for September Twenty-Seventh, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- First and foremost, congratulations to Marjie for finishing her 5th 1/2 Marathon this past Saturday at the RoadRunner Akron Marathon, 1/2 Marathon, and 5-Person Relay.  I was on the sidelines to cheer her on and of course, take pictures of all my running peeps along the way.  It really must have been a great year this year because I've lost count how many times I've heard "That was really a great race.  I'm doing that every year." throughout the weekend.  Way to go, Babe!  Leading up to the race, I spent open-to-close at the Vertical Runner booth at the Expo at the John S. Knight Center in Downtown Akron.  We were busier than any previous year and even had to send someone back to the store to get more nutrition products...we were nearly sold out by mid-afternoon.  It was great to see soooo many friends at the Expo!  Secretly, I think that's my real reasoning for working there the past 2 years.  Plus, getting to "sell" again, fit runners for shoes, and answer burning questions that some have is a ton of fun and something I really miss doing.  Here are the 67 pictures of the race that made the cut after taking about 180 of them.  I caught more people "flying" above the ground than ever before!

- Sadly, Fall and the WINTER is coming.  I do love the fall but I do not love what comes next.  Still, with that comes January and one of my favorite races, the Run for Regis 50K, Marathon, and 1/2 Marathon.  I had the pleasure (when I couldn't sleep past 3am one day last week) of building the new website for it.  The date is set and registration opens up in October.  Check it out here.  Makes you a little chilly, eh?!  148 pictures from last year's event.

- I'm not an Oprah watcher.  However, some episodes do sit me down (after I overhear the subject matter from Marjie watching it) and I watch them.  One was this past week...twice.  There's a new movie coming out called "Waiting for 'Superman'."  No, it has nothing to do with superheros at all.  Quite the opposite, actually.  It's all true and mainly a documentary on our broken education system.  As a parent of 2 elementary age children, I'm very concerned about the state of our system in our country.  The stats in our country are not good and we continue to fall further and further behind the rest of the world.  If you think we're the leader in the world in this category, your head is deep in the sand.  That is far from the truth.  We have much to learn from other countries and some very good public schools and charter schools around our country.  Here's the site for the movie.  It's not playing nationwide yet but based on the flurry going on in the media right now, I expect it will in the not-so-distant future.  2 big things I think could help: a system that doesn't reward crummy teachers (ie: the teachers unions that protect them) and longer school days (ie: 8am-4pm) to get the teaching done that needs to be done.  There are some fantastic teachers out there which should be built up, strengthened, encouraged, and given the tools that they need.  For the ones who simply don't care and don't perform, they need to go and make room for someone who does.  It is our country's future they hold in their hands!  My children, your children, OUR children!

- I think I'm a "Gleek"...that's code for a big fan of Fox's hit show "Glee."  Marjie and I finally got a chance to sit down and watch Tuesday's premiere last night....great!  I will admit, though...the preview of tomorrow night's "all Britney Spears" episode was the highlight.  I'm no fan of the "current Britney" but I will admit, I was a fan when she started out.  If this episode is anything like the preview, it'll be great.  I may have to break my "DVR Only" rule and watch it live tomorrow night.  Preview it here.

- Curious about our 2 wars going on right now in Iraq and/or Afghanistan.  I hope you are and aren't living in a box, ignoring that your fellow Americans are 1/2 a world away defending freedom and hunting terrorists that have sworn to wipe us all from the face of the Earth.  Well, there is an alternative to CNN and FoxNews.  The Pentagon Channel is a completely neutral (politically) site with daily video newscasts covering the military and both wars.  See our troops delivering the news and the real deal...not what our media chooses to NOT show you.  Bookmark it and visit it often!  The Pentagon Channel.

- As yet another work week begins, let me encourage you to "choose" to have a great day and week.  I have to consistently do this myself and more often than not, it's a challenge.  Still, it's a choice we have to make and one thing I consistently remind my girls of.  Make today great and forget about all the "stuff" that simply doesn't matter.  For in the end, "After the game, the king and the pawn go into the same box. ~ Italian Proverb."

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

Monday, September 20, 2010

M-Cubed for 9/20/2010

Monday Morning Musings for September Twentieth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Well done to all my many friends who ran either the NorthCoast24 race or the YUT-C 50K/25K this past weekend.  I spent my time at YUT-C, had a blast, took 780 pictures, and sprinted home to a 1pm soccer game where we kicked butt and took names.  Great Saturday on all accounts.

- Paying attention to the real news lately?  Not the lip-service you hear on ALL the major news networks.  How about things like the election this past weekend in Afghanistan?  Democracy is TRYING to prevail over there.  On the morning of the election, the Taliban launched rockets into the capital then attacked polling places throughout the day with more rocket attacks.  People still voted.  In my hometown, people won't get off the couch to vote for the school levy.  What's wrong here?

People From All Walks of Life Vote in Pol-e-Charki Elections
A resident of Pol-e-Charki Village prepares to cast his vote in parliamentary elections in Pol-e-Charki High School in the Pol-e- Charki District, Kabul Province, Sept. 18. (Photo by Afghan National Army Sgt. Rafei, 201st Corps Public Affairs)
- Fall 2010 made it's introduction this past weekend.  The colors at Mill Creek Park were poppin' out and shred a bunch of leaves as I moved the lawn on Saturday night.  One of my favorite photos of the changing colors is on my photo blog.  If you want it for your desktop screensaver, click on it then once loaded, right click and set it as your wallpaper.  It's a great shot!

- I can't even believe it.  The Akron Marathon is here again.  The "Blue Line" got a fresh coat of paint this year...didn't get one last year.  I won't be running it but will be cheering on Marjie as she tackles the 1/2 Marathon again.  My brother Jim, his wife Bekah, and all of our mutual friend Amy will also be knockin' out the 1/2.  If you're heading to Akron for the Expo on Friday, say "Hi!" at the Vertical Runner booth.  I'll be there from open to close.  Vince always has everything you might need for race day.  Need some shoes?  Let me fit you!

- Following the Akron Marathon, the next weekend will be spent partially at the Capitol Building in Columbus, Ohio.  To celebrate our Navy's birthday, the Navy Ball will be held in downtown Columbus this year.  Lots of tradition here in this bow-tie event, celebrating over 230 years of Naval History.  Looking forward to it plus the keynote speaker who is a retired Navy Captain who was a POW (Prisoner of War) with Senator John McCain in Vietnam.  Surrounding the Navy Ball will be a weekend with all 4 services at a joint conference, talking about deployment, returning warriors, and deployment preparation.  Any weekend in uniform is a great weekend.

- 2 weeks after that marks another trip to Oil Creek State Park for the 2nd Annual Oil Creek 100 Mile Trail Run.  I won't be running this year but instead volunteering and probably crewing a yet-to-be-named runner.  This wasn't the plan until a few days ago but after being asked, I am excited to put my knowledge of this 100-miler and course to use in helping out a fellow runner conquer the distance...and the field.  I CAN NOT wait until Oil Creek Weekend!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

YUT-C 50K/25K Volunteer/Photos

It was the 6th Annual Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic (aka: YUT-C) 50K and 25K yesterday.  The biggest crowd of runners to date and a day that started out around 50F and only climbed into the 70s.  Clear, low humidity, perfect.  There's not many things that will keep me away from Mill Creek Park each year, a week before the Akron Marathon.  NEO Trail (Northeast Ohio Trail) Club puts this race on and being a member and good friends with the founders, it's a race I'm loyal to.  Another race, the NorthCoast24, moved it's race to land square on top of YUT-C this year.  It's a 24 hour endurance race at Edgewater Park in Cleveland.  Actually, it's the 24hr USATF National Championship.  Many friends are participating, crewing, and volunteering.  While I don't agree with the move, I do support my friends doing it and if not on the same day, would volunteer or run it.  A 24hr timed event is one that I haven't done before...and I want to.  This one is done professionally and is right here so of course, I'd love to support it as I do all local events but until it moves from this date...just not going to happen.  As I type this, the NC24 is about 2hrs from completion.  I'm very excited for a few good friends...Laurie Colon, Greg Murray, Dan DeRosha and Ladd Clifford.  Jim Chaney is running the live feed online and all timing and you can actually see the sun rising over Lake Erie right now.  I will attest...the sun rising on the 2nd day of an ultra-marathon is a spine-tingling event.  It is surreal, powerful, and like nothing else.  It's like rebirth of your whole being and brings new life to your steps.  I am doubt.

YUT-C was a great day and I was there at 6:30am to help with packet pickup and then for whatever else they needed.  The runners got hooked up this year.  Tech tees worth the cheap $40 registration, alone, were handed out and aid station food and logistics that are classic "NEO Trail."  Who has an ultra-marathon anymore for $40 and gives the ladies silk-weight Patagonia, long sleeve tech tees and the guys La Sportiva tech tees?  Then, serves a smörgåsbord of food at the aid stations including pizza and lasagna at the finish?  Oh yea, pictures and results up the same day, too.  Oh did I mention, they allow an earlier start for those who want/need more time to complete the distance?  Flexibility, unwaivering commitment to the runners and to each other, and a passion for the sport.  After the race kicked off, it was picture time.  I took a few before the steel steps then headed to the main aid station at the Covered Bridge.  I tried to assist, offered multiple times, but none was wanted so I did what I love to do when not actually running...that being cheering on my fellow trail-mates and taking pictures...780 of them to be exact.  I have had my Canon GS11 for about a month or a little more and have tried nearly every setting to capture a non-blurry moving trail runner on the shaded trail.  This has proven to be a very frustrating task.  Cameras simply insist on focusing on the bright, green foliage on the trail!!!  Yesterday, I used a new setting.  It has a low-light mode and I combined that with the auto-focus, rapid fire mode.  That limits my resolution options, size options, etc., but gives me better chance of a clear shot.  You can see in the pictures that as the day got brighter and I moved into daylight, the pictures got better.  Those in broad daylight are very good, actually.  Enough are the pictures.  Album #1 of 200 photos.  Album #2 of 27 photos.  It was great to see so many of my good friends again!  See many of you at Oil Creek in one month!

Monday, September 13, 2010

M-Cubed for 9/13/2010

Monday Morning Musings for September Thirteenth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- First off, big congrats to Dan DeRosha who completed Ironman Wisconsin late last night in over 15 hours.  Swimming for 1hr, 50min, biking for over 8hrs, and a full marathon afterwards...WOW!  Nice job..and you even moved up nearly 50 spots during the marathon.  Also big congrats to all who ran the Punxy 50K in Pennsylvania over the weekend and to Vince Rucci who owns Vertical Runner.  He won the race in under 4 hours...AGAIN!  Way to go, Vince!

- asked me to write about nutrition and ultra-running recently and I did.  It'll be published soon and when it is, I'll be posting it here.  I had to fit it all within 350 words (which was not easy!) but I got it done.  Pretty cool!

- Wow, what a difference the proper software makes.  This past weekend, I spent it at Great Lakes Naval Base, north of Chicago.  As I posted a few days ago, I spent Saturday on a self-guided walking tour of the first visit ever to the Windy City.  Once I finally returned home yesterday, I was able to view the photos I took in raw format with my Canon GS11 on the proper software.  They turned out really good!  I took just my favorites in that format and posted them last night on my photo blog here.  To view any full screen, just click on it.  Some are great for screen savers, if I may suggest.  :-)

- Saturday was spent in a regional leadership meeting of about 12 officers, including myself.  Most were very senior Supply Officers and the discussion centered around our Supply Officer community here in the Midwest.  During the lunch hour, we all attended a retirement/change-of-command/9-11 Remembrance combination ceremony.  To remember 9/11/2001 while in uniform on one our most historical Navy bases in the country was just perfect.  Highlights were the 12-shot live cannon fires out in the parade field (which rocked the buildings, by the way), the live-rifle gun salute, the rifle team demonstration, and the playing of Taps.  Due to rainy weather, we were inside and those things happened just outside the open doors where we could see and hear.  The fly-over was canceled due to the weather.  Great Lakes is a magnificent base and is dubbed the "Quarterdeck of the Navy."  For those of you who don't know, the Quarterdeck is the area you pass through when boarding or leaving a Navy ship.  Great Lakes is home to Boot Camp for all enlisted sailors in the Navy so that's the reason for the name.  I didn't go here in 1991 but instead went to Orlando, FL where boot camp once was.  Back then, it was in San Diego, Orlando, and Great Lakes.  Due to base closures and downsizing, all recruits now enter via Great Lakes.

- This Saturday is the Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic 50K/25K or as we call it...YUT-C.  It's held within the beautiful Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, OH...about 30min east of my home.  Instead of running this year, I'll be volunteering and helping to make sure the runners are well fed, encouraged, and stay on the correct trail.  YUT-C is one of most favorite races and wouldn't dare miss it.  I'm looking forward to lots of pictures and seeing my friends yet again!  Both races are sold out, too!

- If you're running the Akron Marathon, be sure to stop on by the Vertical Runner booth...less than 2 weeks from now!  I'll be working there from open to close and typically, there's some deals to good to pass up so be sure to say "Hi!"  Best of luck to the many of you running "The Bird" this year!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chicago for $4.50

I'll take it.  $4.50?  I had a block of time on Friday where I could either drive to the Naval Base and mill around for the afternoon...or, I could think outside the box and how to maximize my time.  I chose the latter.  Arriving before noon to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, I previously spoke to the Alamo Rental Car counter who graciously offered to lock up my luggage for me so I could take the Blue Line into the city.  After a shuttle ride to Alamo and then back to the airport, I found the train's kiosk.  This machine, just like the one I encountered in Washington D.C. a month ago, kicked my mental butt.  I just stared at them trying to figure out what to buy and how to buy it.  You got to love the unanimous rule: "No credit card.  Cash only.  No change given."  So for the "only carrying 20s" traveler and needs a $2.25 fare, sorry about your luck.  Seriously...that's the racket they have going on.  Luckily, I had a few dollar bills and for $2.25, I took the 45min train right into the heart of the city.

I'm a die-hard "Top Chef" fan.  I love the show and you know what, I don't cook a lick.  I do make a killer homemade hummus recipe, though.  The bomb!  Anyway, there are a few places I wanted to go by.  One was Frontera by Chef Rick occasional judge on the show with his restaurant on Clark St in Chicago.  I got off the train at Clark and walked north, hoping to at least catch a glimpse of it and the menu.  I took Clark all the way to Chicago Avenue and never did see it.  That's OK, because I wanted to walk through the Magnificent Mile..ya know, where Oprah is!  (I never did find her, by the way)  When I got to Chicago Avenue, the top of the Mile, I realized I was only a block from Moody Bible Institute.  I'd never been there before but have had family go there and I'm an avid listener of WCRF, 103.3FM which is a Moody Radio station.  A few moments later, I was walking through their campus amongst students wearing ID's, texting, studying, and enjoying life.  In all honestly, I wanted to walk in their shoes for a day...I never was a "typical" college student...night school, distance education...that's how I got my degrees.  Anyway....moving on.

Time was now past noon and I was starving.  On my To Do List was Giordano's deep dish, stuffed pizza.  Thanks to my iPhone, I knew it was only a few blocks away...the original location.  Dubbed "The Best" by countless publications, I had to try it.  Walking in, I was told 15-30min to wait and if I could, please pre-order my pizza.  Pre-order?  In a sit-down restaurant?  So I did.  $19 for a small pizza, too.  "This had better be good!!!"  This price was far outside of my comfort zone but I splurged for just once.  Once seated and my pizza came.  Wow!!!  Well over 1" high in the center...sauce on top..and super good.  1/2 a pizza later, I was done.  Next time, someone needs to be with me to give me some help!  I carried those leftovers around for the rest of the day...they're in the fridge now..not so sure I should eat them, though.  Hmmm....

I then made my way down the Magnificent Mile, heading south.  I swear I walked by some models.  They looked like they could jump right on to the Victoria's Secret runway.  No surprise, though.  I walking through the high-end shopping places I "shop" by walking by and observing all the "suits" inside the stores standing by for the next self-indulgent customer to walk in.  But there!!  An Apple store!!  As a newly-christened Apple customer, I just HAD to visit.  iPhones were everywhere, laptops, iPads, desktops...beautiful sea of white enamel-covered technology.  I went over and eyed one of those desktops...secretly wishing for one, then carried myself back down the Mile.  Along the way, I simply took my time and soaked in the sights, snapping pictures as often as I saw something I wanted to take with me.  Eventually, I got to Millennium Park.

I saw an events sign at the street mentioning something about opera rehearsal and thought that might be cool to observe for awhile.  I thought nothing of it and started a stroll through the park.  Not long, though, I spotted a performance pavilion that was a shiny monster of metal art from a distance and faintly, I could hear the orchestra and singing.  I found my way and spent the next hour just listening and letting those little hairs stand up on the back of my head.  I LOVE listening to orchestras play and combining excellent acoustics and the singing in this facility was just magnificent...certainly a highlight of the day.  I caught one song via my iPhone and it is below.  If you don't want to enjoy the who 4+ minutes, I recommend moving to about 2min, 50sec and listening from there to the end...the most powerful parts by far.

More walking, including a walk along Lake Michigan, a huge fountain, a wine-tasting event, a bike path littered with bikes and afternoon runners (JEALOUS!!!), and finally a rest stop at a Starbucks.  That was my day.  It was now coming up on 7pm and I was pooped.  I found my way back to the Blue Line (again, the iPhone showed me the direction and how it was only 2 blocks away...LOVE THAT THING!) and bought $2.25 worth of fare back to O'Hare the way I came.  Below, is a slideshow of my photos from the day.  Clicking on it will allow you to view full-screen, if you'd prefer.  Absolutely wonderful architecture in this city!  I will return!  (hopefully, with Marjie next time....she was the only thing that could've made the day 100% complete)

So not bad, eh?  Outside of the pizza, Chicago for $4.50.

Monday, September 6, 2010

M-Cubed for 9/6/2010

Monday Morning Musings for September Sixth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.
- I caved.  The iPhone 4 is mine.  My time for an upgrade arrived and ironically, as I found out while sitting at the AT&T store, Marjie could upgrade as well.  So at the end of the day on Friday, we both upgraded to it.  It's the first Apple product that I've ever owned.  As a marketing junky, I love how Apple markets itself, especially for this particular product.  And for those who have Apple products, they all seem to love them.  So far, so good.  The possibilities with the "Apps" is pretty much blowing our minds.  We have done things from turn our phones into lightsabers complete with Star Wars music (the girls and I battled last night in the living room) and the lightsaber "sound"..and it DOES sound real, too.  I'm a Starbucks addict so of course, I have made my own drinks on that app.  And how about "5-0 Radio?"  Radio scanners from coast to coast.  I have tuned into my local county's "Portage County Law and Fire."  Interesting to hear what's going on down the street in my small, country town.  All amazed to hear them read full social security numbers across the air given the raid on people's privacy these days.  There are many more but that's a few highlights.  Oh yea...Facebook.  How could I forget?!  The automatic Wi-Fi is simply icing on the cake, too.

 - Saturday was the inaugural Leave No Trace Trail Half Marathon at Camp Manatoc within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  All of us local trail runners have seen the entrance to it countless times as we drive into the Valley but the overwhelming majority have never run in there.  Well, the 1/2 marathon (which actually was 14 miles...always safe to be longer than shorter!) was 100% within the confines of the camp and wow, we are missing out!  Beautiful, single track trails!  I think that many passed on this race because of the unknowns about it and it being close to the Akron Marathon.  Many were out running the Blue Line in Akron since the marathon is only 3 weeks away.  Well, my youngest brother, Jim, was running it as his first trail race and it turned out to be his longest run ever.  Besides getting stung twice, he had a great time and loved every moment of it.  He followed my advice on everything and said it all worked so "Bravo!!!"  I helped set up at 6:15am, checked runners in, then headed out to the course for you guessed  
480 PHOTOS LATER...  Yowsers!  Yea...I took at bunch.  After scrubbing them all, I kept 163 of them and posted them here.  I think I'm getting a hang of this new camera and the custom settings.  It was a great day and great to see some of my fellow ultra-running friends...they always know the right thing to say and always have a dose of encouragement for me.  Thanks, guys!

- I got out my 25 year old Bach Stradivarius trumpet again yesterday.  Oh, how I love that instrument.  Beautiful in every way.  At my church in Randolph, I played a brass duet, "And Can It Be?" with Amy and accompanied by Jeff on the piano.  I had that song ready to go but nerves got to me yet again.  3 stupid mistakes and clearly audible by all in the sanctuary!  Still, it was great to be at it again and now I'm on the hunt for more music and for some solo music I can work on.  I'd like to do some solos, accompanied by a soundtrack.  I think I can use my iPhone for that, right?  :-)  The video from church is below.

Brass Duet with Amy and joined by Jeff on the piano.
Happy Trails, everyone, and have a GREAT week!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Chasing the Sunset

At 7 o'clock tonight, I had rehearsal at church about 5 miles from home.  I am playing my trumpet again this Sunday in a brass duet along with the piano.  Getting into my car around 7:45pm, the sky had those really thin clouds stretched across the western sky and the sun was racing for the western horizon.  It looked like a brilliant orange furnace...but I couldn't see the source.  I don't know what it is...I'm a sucker for sunrises and sunsets and as many of you know...Mr. Moon.  It's been awhile, but do you remember my Mr. Moon posts?  He has a route, you know...a 7 mile out-n-back from my house that I ran with him that is nice-n-hilly through the countryside.  Lots of deep thoughts and 'upward' discussion happened on those runs.  I look forward to those runs again someday.  Back to the sunset: I started my drive north towards home and was fueled with a passion to find the highest spot in my hometown as fast as I could so I could see the source of the sunset and catch a picture of it.  With the way the clouds were, it would be brilliant to remember.  I turned left off the main route, headed towards Mr. Moon's route where I knew hills were...surely, the highest spot would be there and the picture would be mine.  I sped up...I slowed.  Nope, I can't see it.  I sped up again, took a few turns, and slowed down.  Nope, still can't see it.  Surely, I'll catch a great picture on the "cereal bowl" hill...that's the hilliest spot around and halfway through Mr. Moon's route.  I get there and to my dismay...nothing.  At this point, I self-check myself..."Am I really chasing the sunset?  Seriously?  Am I also getting frustrated by not getting it?  SERIOUSLY???  These happen EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE!!!  Get a grip."  I speed on, knowing there is a big clearing up ahead where a big soybean field is.  "Surely, I can get a picture there," I thought.  Dangit.  Nothing.  It's diving too fast to the horizon.  At this point, I don't know of any other high spots around and head on home.  As I pull into our neighborhood, I begin to see more of the sky then make the turn up my road.  I live on a cul-de-sac and my house faces due west.  As I get to the top, I rapidly park my car in the garage and walk out front.  This is what I saw.
As you can see, the view from our house is looking across the rooftops and across the distant tree-line.  It is, as far as I know, one of the highest spots in my hometown.  That tree-line is what I couldn't see over when I was driving.  Turns out...if I had just driven home...straight from church, I would've had a front-row seat to a breath-taking sunset.  Instead, what did I do?  I chased what I thought was the better way...the better route...the better view.  If I had just focused on what I knew to be true, I would've found my "sunset happiness."

I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.  As I drove more and chased more, I kept thinking how unbelievably parallel this chase was to our rat-race life.  We (as a general) chase money...we chase fame...we chase more friends, more things, more...more...more.  In the meantime, we are missing out.  We are missing out on the stuff that's really important.  Maybe it's time with family, your kids, or finishing up that home project that's been staring us down for months or perhaps even years on end.  The possibilities are endless and so is the chase if we don't make the decision to re-direct our path.  My chase tonight felt scary-real.  Just 45 minutes prior, I was asked the ever-popular "How's it goin'?"  Let me tell you...don't ever ask me that question unless you REALLY want to know, OK?  I'll tell you.  I didn't spill my guts but I did mention words like "never-ending"..."over-stressed"..."go-go-go"...  Then, my sunset chase on the way home.  It all just came front and center at once.  

All that to say this: go get as many sunrises and sunsets as you can.  Don't miss them because of poor decisions and messed up priorities.  You just never know when you're not going to get another one.  Then, it's too late.

To tomorrow's sunrise... 

Labor of Love

The Labor of Love Run, held on the campus of The Chapel in Akron, is a tough 5-miler that I've run each year for the past 3 years.  Last year, it was a month after my 2nd 100-miler and the first time I "felt" something.  That's what I get for "racing" after not training to "race" all year.  But I digress...

That's not the Labor of Love I'm talking about today.  This Labor of Love is the September edition of the Western Reserve Trail Running Newsletter.  It is by far, the most chock-full newsletter and feature rich edition I've ever done since starting it in January 2009.  Back then, we barely had 200 subscribers.  Today, we are approaching 1600 unique subscribers and after sending it at 12:05am last night, only 0.7% of those bounced, mostly due to a few closed e-mail accounts and full e-mail inboxes.  If you don't get it, please
e-mail me and I'll add you to the list.

Highlights this month:
- Bigfoot 50K and 3-Person Relay already 30% full
- Comprehensive regional trail links including Google Map links (northern Ohio and western PA)
- YUT-C 50K/25K (Youngstown Ultra Trail Classic) Update
- Tar Hollow 50 in May 2011  (I'm the Volunteer Coordinator for this, too)
- XTERRA 2010 Complete!
- Bills' BadAss 50K Announcement
- Top 10 Reasons to run the 2nd Annual Bobcat Trail Marathon
- The Barkcamp Race (a $15 race entry fee?  Yep!)
- Trail Runner Spotlight: Kathleen Alexander Dickson (you HAVE to read this...awesome!)

View it online here.

Happy Trails!