Monday, September 20, 2010

M-Cubed for 9/20/2010

Monday Morning Musings for September Twentieth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Well done to all my many friends who ran either the NorthCoast24 race or the YUT-C 50K/25K this past weekend.  I spent my time at YUT-C, had a blast, took 780 pictures, and sprinted home to a 1pm soccer game where we kicked butt and took names.  Great Saturday on all accounts.

- Paying attention to the real news lately?  Not the lip-service you hear on ALL the major news networks.  How about things like the election this past weekend in Afghanistan?  Democracy is TRYING to prevail over there.  On the morning of the election, the Taliban launched rockets into the capital then attacked polling places throughout the day with more rocket attacks.  People still voted.  In my hometown, people won't get off the couch to vote for the school levy.  What's wrong here?

People From All Walks of Life Vote in Pol-e-Charki Elections
A resident of Pol-e-Charki Village prepares to cast his vote in parliamentary elections in Pol-e-Charki High School in the Pol-e- Charki District, Kabul Province, Sept. 18. (Photo by Afghan National Army Sgt. Rafei, 201st Corps Public Affairs)
- Fall 2010 made it's introduction this past weekend.  The colors at Mill Creek Park were poppin' out and shred a bunch of leaves as I moved the lawn on Saturday night.  One of my favorite photos of the changing colors is on my photo blog.  If you want it for your desktop screensaver, click on it then once loaded, right click and set it as your wallpaper.  It's a great shot!

- I can't even believe it.  The Akron Marathon is here again.  The "Blue Line" got a fresh coat of paint this year...didn't get one last year.  I won't be running it but will be cheering on Marjie as she tackles the 1/2 Marathon again.  My brother Jim, his wife Bekah, and all of our mutual friend Amy will also be knockin' out the 1/2.  If you're heading to Akron for the Expo on Friday, say "Hi!" at the Vertical Runner booth.  I'll be there from open to close.  Vince always has everything you might need for race day.  Need some shoes?  Let me fit you!

- Following the Akron Marathon, the next weekend will be spent partially at the Capitol Building in Columbus, Ohio.  To celebrate our Navy's birthday, the Navy Ball will be held in downtown Columbus this year.  Lots of tradition here in this bow-tie event, celebrating over 230 years of Naval History.  Looking forward to it plus the keynote speaker who is a retired Navy Captain who was a POW (Prisoner of War) with Senator John McCain in Vietnam.  Surrounding the Navy Ball will be a weekend with all 4 services at a joint conference, talking about deployment, returning warriors, and deployment preparation.  Any weekend in uniform is a great weekend.

- 2 weeks after that marks another trip to Oil Creek State Park for the 2nd Annual Oil Creek 100 Mile Trail Run.  I won't be running this year but instead volunteering and probably crewing a yet-to-be-named runner.  This wasn't the plan until a few days ago but after being asked, I am excited to put my knowledge of this 100-miler and course to use in helping out a fellow runner conquer the distance...and the field.  I CAN NOT wait until Oil Creek Weekend!

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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