About Me

I'm a 44-year old father, husband for 25+ years, long-distance runner 1997-2014 and since November 2014, have shifted my "fitness focus" from running to CrossFit that I share with my wife. That, along with rucking and volunteering with Team Red White and Blue, I stay busy! I wear my beliefs on my sleeve, love to write, and try to walk the narrow road I feel called to walk...or run...or throw weights at! No matter what it is I do, I try my hardest to do it selflessly and to somehow, impact those around me for the good. If but one person is helped or encouraged by my writings here, it's all worth it. I hope you enjoy your stay and please, feel free to comment at any time.

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Carlos said...

I appreciate your blog, your perseverance, your love of country and family, and your faith in God.

May He bless you as you travel with Him.