Monday, September 6, 2010

M-Cubed for 9/6/2010

Monday Morning Musings for September Sixth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.
- I caved.  The iPhone 4 is mine.  My time for an upgrade arrived and ironically, as I found out while sitting at the AT&T store, Marjie could upgrade as well.  So at the end of the day on Friday, we both upgraded to it.  It's the first Apple product that I've ever owned.  As a marketing junky, I love how Apple markets itself, especially for this particular product.  And for those who have Apple products, they all seem to love them.  So far, so good.  The possibilities with the "Apps" is pretty much blowing our minds.  We have done things from turn our phones into lightsabers complete with Star Wars music (the girls and I battled last night in the living room) and the lightsaber "sound"..and it DOES sound real, too.  I'm a Starbucks addict so of course, I have made my own drinks on that app.  And how about "5-0 Radio?"  Radio scanners from coast to coast.  I have tuned into my local county's "Portage County Law and Fire."  Interesting to hear what's going on down the street in my small, country town.  All amazed to hear them read full social security numbers across the air given the raid on people's privacy these days.  There are many more but that's a few highlights.  Oh yea...Facebook.  How could I forget?!  The automatic Wi-Fi is simply icing on the cake, too.

 - Saturday was the inaugural Leave No Trace Trail Half Marathon at Camp Manatoc within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  All of us local trail runners have seen the entrance to it countless times as we drive into the Valley but the overwhelming majority have never run in there.  Well, the 1/2 marathon (which actually was 14 miles...always safe to be longer than shorter!) was 100% within the confines of the camp and wow, we are missing out!  Beautiful, single track trails!  I think that many passed on this race because of the unknowns about it and it being close to the Akron Marathon.  Many were out running the Blue Line in Akron since the marathon is only 3 weeks away.  Well, my youngest brother, Jim, was running it as his first trail race and it turned out to be his longest run ever.  Besides getting stung twice, he had a great time and loved every moment of it.  He followed my advice on everything and said it all worked so "Bravo!!!"  I helped set up at 6:15am, checked runners in, then headed out to the course for you guessed  
480 PHOTOS LATER...  Yowsers!  Yea...I took at bunch.  After scrubbing them all, I kept 163 of them and posted them here.  I think I'm getting a hang of this new camera and the custom settings.  It was a great day and great to see some of my fellow ultra-running friends...they always know the right thing to say and always have a dose of encouragement for me.  Thanks, guys!

- I got out my 25 year old Bach Stradivarius trumpet again yesterday.  Oh, how I love that instrument.  Beautiful in every way.  At my church in Randolph, I played a brass duet, "And Can It Be?" with Amy and accompanied by Jeff on the piano.  I had that song ready to go but nerves got to me yet again.  3 stupid mistakes and clearly audible by all in the sanctuary!  Still, it was great to be at it again and now I'm on the hunt for more music and for some solo music I can work on.  I'd like to do some solos, accompanied by a soundtrack.  I think I can use my iPhone for that, right?  :-)  The video from church is below.

Brass Duet with Amy and joined by Jeff on the piano.
Happy Trails, everyone, and have a GREAT week!

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Anonymous said...

Very nice Nick and good that even though you made a couple mistakes, you want to play again in church! :-)