Saturday, January 25, 2014

Seriously...I'm Human...

...with a dash of crazy thrown in for good measure. I get called "crazy"..."nuts"..."out of my mind"...all the time. That photo I posted earlier this week with the frozen hat and eyelashes really got some folks..."You did what?!" Fellow Navy officers in my office who kayak, bike, and are pretty darn fit even look at me in dismay. Introduce Mr. Weather this week...just craziness. Give me any day at 0 degrees and no wind and I'm in. Throw in wind and bottom offends me! HA! I just can't enjoy that garbage...and I'm not running on a (d)readmill. Sorry, folks...yep, I'm a treadmill-hater. Yes, there can be value in that machine but it's just not for me. I haven't step foot on a treadmill since Summer 2011 in Afghanistan...I plan on maintaining my streak!

So it's Saturday and the last day of my run-week. 6 days in...2 days running and 19 miles. YIKES! You'd think I was tapering for a race but I'm not. I have either 1) woke up in a bad funk with zero desire to take another breath, much less run or 2) the weather has been just plain uncooperative. Most of you know it's gotta be bad to keep me in. The day isn't over yet, though...if I do run, it'll be donning my sheet-metal-screwed Brooks Cascadias. I'll report back if that happens.

Still, even with a super light week, I'm sitting at 163.2 miles for January. Even though arctic air is coming back AGAIN next week, I'm going to get my 200 miles for January. I don't have the goal of 200 a month for 2014, but I do like that monthly number. If I can be somewhere in that zip code of 200 each month and injury free, my Navy uniforms should continue to fit nicely...and they've been fitting better than ever lately. :) Next race isn't even until it's just running for the joy of running these days. I do need some long, long training runs in there, though. That next race is 100 kilometers...the longest of the year.

So for today as every school activity and college class is scrapped in NE Ohio, we're dug in at home. We may have made the mistake last night by starting to watch "Breaking Bad" on Netflix. I've heard all kinds of raving about that series but had never seen it as I don't have HBO. Well...5 seasons are on Netflix. We watched two episodes...hmmm, I can see how people got hooked. My primary hook right now, though, is "The Blacklist." Haven't missed one yet! So stay warm, friends...and find someone to snuggle up with and stay warm. Bristol is doing that for me today. ;)

Heads up, friends...

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