Saturday, January 11, 2014

Keep Running the Race

Recovery week a wrap! So Thursday, we had a windchill in the minus thirties and I knocked out a slow and comfy 18 miles today in 51F and under cloudy skies. Do the math...that's a plus 80 degree swing in 4 days. Anyway, I don't have much to share tonight except to say it was a day where I needed more time out there vs. the miles. Time alone simply to process some things in my life where a 6 miler simply wouldn't have been enough. So, I ran until I was good...and that just happened to be 18 miles. Mid run, I walked for about a 1/2 mile to jot this down...just kinda dropped into my head and it helps keep me on the straight and narrow without mentally going down a rabbit hole and swinging a wrecking ball on myself and those I hold nearest to me. Who knows...maybe it'll help you, too.

Hang in there, foot in front of the other. Keep your head up!

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Mom said...

Love ya, Nick!