Monday, January 6, 2014

M-Cubed for 1.6.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for January Sixth, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning (or afternoon, in this week's case).

- Holy smokes, it's cold! It's snowing! It's...northeast Ohio in the snow belt! Deep breaths, folks...all we be oooooooo-k. Still, my kids aren't complaining. They scrapped the first two days of school this week before the week even began.

- Recovery Run #2 post-50K went well today. Back home on my country hills, I ventured out, being called crazy as I went, and enjoyed it immensely. It was 11F with a minus 8 windchill and winds gusting to 20mph. I was looking at the forecast of the high tomorrow around zero and windchill down in the minus 20 to minus 30 range and let common sense in...tomorrow I won't run. So, I opted to enjoy the "balmy" minus 8 today and get out there. Glad I did! I got in a hilly 7 and even soaked a bit in the whirlpool afterwards. I'm feeling goooood.

- I was asked on Saturday and I gladly accepted the offer to be interviewed by Trail Runner magazine. They are doing a story this year on the Highlands Sky Trail Run. I hope it really happens and I represent myself and the race well. Pretty honored to be asked.

- Those who know us pretty well know that we've been getting rid of stuff as fast as we can. From the clothes in the closet to a heavy bag in the basement to a weight bench to toys to Christmas decorations to books and the list goes on. I even found out about's trade-in program where they'll take books and electronics and credit your account. Lately, I'm having trouble finding more to get rid of and we're very much ready for the Spring garage sale....BIG 'ol garage sale pile in the basement. Our push towards minimalism has in part been egged on by "The Minimalists." For the most part, I read their Facebook feed and my wife reads some of their blog posts. This year, they are heading out on a FREE tour and stopping in Cleveland on July 7th so we're going. They'll be at the Barking Spider, if you've heard of it. You can read all about the event and reserve your free ticket HERE.

- Throughout my 50K on Saturday, I felt little cuts on the inside of my calves. My socks were 1/4 socks and I was wearing shorts and my Brooks Cascadias were scraping them. The trail was frozen, the Cascadia's tread is pretty distinct and pretty sharp on the edges...well, as sharp as rubber can be when it's below zero, and given the very varied terrain, I kept on scraping them. I didn't think much of it until my little soak today when I looked down. You'd think I was some freaky cutter by the looks of these! No wonder it's been burning!

- Last night, it was just my girls and me and we were looking through Netflix for a good family flick to watch. We found "Johnny." It's from 2010 and about a young boy with leukemia with no family, full of joy, and on a mission. The doctor caring from him is on the other side. His family is recovering from the tragic loss of their son a few years ago. That's enough to tease the, I just recommend watching it if you're looking for a good, wholesome movie with a great message.

- Gluttony: The Socially Acceptable Sin. (Reference Article here): I highly recommend this article, regardless of your belief structure. it's simplest form, is the "soul's addiction to excess." Doesn't this sum up America? Look around... Look at the season we just exited. Thanksgiving to Christmas shines the light perfectly on this. So tell me...when is the last time you saw a hearse cruising on down to the cemetery towing a U-Haul? No? No. So why such an addiction with accumulating? NO purchase will ever bring you the amount of joy you think it will. You may have a temporary high but not joy. When you get down to the paragraph talking about the strange "side effect"...that's us. Bingo. So give it a read...maybe make some least consider it.

- And to end today...a photo bomb of a snow man. Oh yea...oh Mr. Frosty was roadside on my blustery 7 this morning and I just had to stop and snap a pic. You see? You can have joy and smile while running in subzero temperatures....REALLY! :)

Have a great week, everyone!

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