Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Tracks in a New Year

Yesterday early morning as many of you were probably sleeping, the snow fell as a cold front covered the midwest. I awoke later than normal to find a few inches of the white stuff outside...beckoning me out. Given I'm heading to the mountains soon for a race, I just wanted to gingerly wander through 6 miles or so to great the new year. It was a GREAT run...the plows hadn't even been out yet. Something really cool about laying down first tracks even before cars and snow plow trucks. It was my same 'ol route as always...hilly country roads. When I say "I took my time," ... I really did. I went super slow and of course, snapped a few photos along the way. I get the question often, "How do you take your own photos of yourself running?" Well, it's just a free app on my iPhone. As for the "how" and "where is the iPhone sitting?" issues...take a look at the second photo and see if you can guess. There are a few clues in the photo. My wife guessed it on the first guess. Comment on this post to cast your vote! (these photos were taken on the return trip...AFTER a few cars went by and the plow trucks followed in my tracks)

Earlier this evening, a fellow Brooks athlete re-posted his post called "Because We Are Runners." It's a short poem of sorts and one every runner can relate to. I highly recommend taking a minute or so to read it. My wife and I both loved it and appreciated the smile is cast on our faces. Click here to view his post.

Have a great weekend, friends. I'm hoping to bring back a great race report from the West Virginia mountains and hopefully a photo of the Sasquatch!

Run Happy, friends!

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Mom said...

Congratulations on your race! I don't know how you do it. The pictures are absolutely beautiful!