Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014 WrapUp

Skidding across home plate with 206 miles. Some interesting stats concerning that. Out of 31 days available, 9 days were zero miles. Highest mileage day was 31.2 miles at the Frozen Sasquatch 50K on the 4th and the lowest mileage day was today with only 5 miles. The most common mileage run was 10 miles with 7 of 22 days being 10 mile days. So January is a wrap and thank goodness it is. We had the coldest weather I'd ever seen in my life and just a few days ago, we got our highest electric a longshot. With every passing day is a step closer to Spring showers and Spring flowers. I will say that I greatly appreciated the balmy 30F five miler yesterday morning.

Looking ahead, February is a maintain and grow month. No races until March 15th which will be a 100K...of 62.4 miles of trail. That'll mark the longest distance traveled since my 100 miles back five years ago. I'd like to get a few 50K+ training runs in and work on some of my nutrition and pacing plans...if nothing more than for confidence boosters. I've got some trial packs from Hammer Nutrition I'd like to try out so we'll see. Speaking of Hammer, I'm one month in to my sponsorship with them and wow...they are an active online community! Both my Brooks and Hammer groups have private online communities on Facebook and the Hammer crowd is much more focused on nutrition, training, and the type of "running" and "endurance sports" that fascinate me. It's also a much smaller community which I appreciate. I think I'm really going to enjoy being a part of their Hammer family.

January was also a month where our family (mostly, my wife) continued the purge of material from our home. She has gotten rid of/donated so much. I've never seen so few pairs of shoes in our closet in 21+ years of marriage...or clothes, for that matter. She is certainly the one leading from the front on living with less and shifting the focus more on what matters...e.g. living life, creating memories, reaching out to others. Her leadership continues to spill on our kids as well. Occasionally, we'll spot them carrying a plastic grocery bag from their bedroom full of clothes to be taken downstairs to the garage sale pile after examining in their own way what they really need/want vs. what they actually use. I really look forward to the day when we move and we have so much less "stuff" to pack up.

So today was supposed to be a morning on the trails of the Buzzard Trail 100K with others. As the day approached, I was looking forward to it but then the appeal of simply sleeping in and hanging out at home with my wife sans kids all morning won out...and so glad it did. No running, just rest, and just us. From preparing food for friends coming over tonight to laughing like crazy at other times, it was a perfect morning. We did watch a bunch of 2014 Super Bowl commercials, too. I gotta say...the annual Budweiser clydesdale commercial nailed it...extremely good. Know what the going rate is for this year? $4 MILLION dollars for 30 seconds...or said another way, $4,000,000 / 30 seconds.  Dang.

There will be another Budweiser commercial played tomorrow that doesn't mention beer or drinking one time. The short commercial version is about an Army 1st Lieutenant who returns home to Winter Park, FL. It's really great BUT you've gotta watch the story behind it. It's 5 minutes long and worth every second. I was especially touched by the many Vietnam vets who were given the opportunity to speak...those guys were hated when they got home. It secures in my mind my reason again for always reaching out a hand to them when I come across them and simply saying "Welcome Home." PLEASE watch this and share it with all whom you know.

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