Monday, February 3, 2014

M-Cubed for 2.3.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for February Third, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Watch the SuperBowl? I'd say it was on but the volume was turned up for the commercials and I paid attention. Among my favorites:
I also loved the teaser for the next Transformers movie that comes out this summer and the Heinz commercial was pretty good. Big fail? Maserati. The car advertised STARTS at about $70,000...seriously?! That's like selling a Rolex at a Wal-Mart...with all due respect! It makes no sense. Going back to my undergrad in Economics 101: Rule #1: know your customer. Total waste of 4 million dollars. Epic fail.

- Like running quotes? I found a great Facebook page (Gibson's Daily Running Quotes) that posts one per day and they are really, really good. Surprisingly, only 2 of my Facebook friends have found them. I've shared yesterday's below but here they are if you want to start following them. For those who know me well, you know how perfect this one is:

"George Sheehan was able to say that running, for him, was like a monastery. It is 'a place to commune with God and yourself, a place for psychological renewal.' This is a basic principle of the spirituality of running. Running is a place. It is a place you can go to be alone—even when there are other people around. It is a place to think. Running helps you concentrate because it takes you out of the often mind-numbing cycle of the everyday routine of going to work, going home, going to bed, getting up, and going to work. Most important, running is a place that you can go to regardless of where you are. Whether you are on a business trip, on vacation, or visiting family, you can still go for a run. The scenery might change, but when you go for a run, that is your special place. Your run can be your own sanctuary." -Warren A. Kay, Running - The Sacred Art: Preparing to Practice

- So, the West Virginia Trilogy opened registration yesterday. Of course, it peaked my curiosity and I exchanged some dialogue with friends online. As you know, I DNF'd on Day 2 of the Trilogy back in October at mile 33.6 of the 50 miler. It humbled the heck out of me. Honestly, I love to go back to a race swearing redemption but for this one, I don't know what I'd do differently in preparing for it. I still don't have regrets from it. I gave it EVERYTHING I had. I don't have the kind of climbs to train on like exist on that course...meaning climbs several miles long...or that high. So unless I can come up with a plan to do something different, I won't be heading back. I just can't go back with a "wish" to complete it but without a plan of attack. So October thru December remain wide open...

- This is one of the funniest pictures I saw online last night. I really couldn't care less who won the game...but this was funny! (see right)

- Are you a fan of the hit drama "24"? Did you catch the super-sneaky 5 second snippets last night during the game? What keyed me in was their trademark tick-tock clock sound that only lasted a few seconds. If you didn't know, 24 is returning on el Cinco de Mayo...or May 5th...dubbed "Live Another Day." Oh yea! Here is the commercial they finally played in the 4th quarter. #JackIsBack !!!

- So the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday, eh?! Where exactly did he find the sun?! Sheesh. All I know is that with every passing day, we're one day closer to Spring. Period. Coldest winter of my life so far!

- Beware of Breaking Bad. We don't have cable and we've never had HBO...but I remember all the hoopla when Breaking Bad ended their series last year after their 5th season. Enter Netflix: So, we watched the first episode...the pilot from season 1. 7 episodes later, we finished season 1 and we're hooked. Everyone says it just gets better and better with each season...we shall see. All 5 seasons are on Netflix.

- This photo below brings back the memories. This is aboard the USS Harry S Truman, a nuclear aircraft carrier just like the two I used to be on. They are operating in the Gulf of Oman right now and this photo is most likely in the Chief's Mess...or the area where only senior enlisted dine. Seat covers and wood on the walls give it away! Any of you who has been enlisted in the Navy know what I'm talking about! I remember watching the SuperBowl once on a big screen in the hangar bay some 15 years ago while out to sea. It's a big deal no matter what service you're in or where you are. It's a slice of America when you are so far from home.

- Speaking of America, I was really impressed with the National Anthem last night. Totally first class performance before the game. The reading of the Declaration of Independence just prior to that was really well done, too. Here is the National Anthem if you missed it. A 4-time Grammy opera singer sang it...and nailed it. The 101st Airborne Apache and Blackhawk helicopter flyover didn't hurt either at the end.

Have a great week, everyone!

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