Monday, April 9, 2012

NOT M-Cubed...

I once wrote a Monday morning post every Monday morning dubbed "M-Cubed"...many of you certainly remember those days. "Monday Morning Musings" is what M-Cubed stood for. However, like the majority of my past routines, it is just past and won't be brought back. I do, however, feel the inclination for a M-Cubed kind of post. M-Cubed was a smattering of bullet point thoughts that I threw together with no particular direction or subject so here are some tonight...just a smattering:

- Great of the best, I'd argue. Great Easter sunrise 6-miler with my bride, Easter service at church, a few miles in a local Ohio State Park with my family, and wrapped with dinner at home with my wife's parents with all the fixin's. It was a wonderful day.

- Read the Directions: I was so proud of myself. I installed our new garbage disposal a few weeks ago nice-n-easy. So..very..proud. Well, my dishwasher stopped working just after immediately after that. I called Whirlpool who I almost spent $300 on an immediate 1-year extended warranty on or had them come out to diagnose for $129. I also called Lowe's who said: "Just come on out and buy a new one!" I must believe that many people do that at the first sign of trouble. But, I just felt that I needed to do nothing. A few days later, friends of ours at our weekly marriage study gave us the name of a local guy who we finally called over the weekend to come on out...$79 to diagnose it. "OK," I figured. "Let's get this over with and the few hundred dollars it's going to cost me." So he finally comes out and just as soon as the words come out of my wife's mouth: "It happened right after my husband installed the garbage disposal..."....he knew what it was. You see, there's this little plug that BLOCKS the line that the dishwasher drains into when it runs. That little plug was still in there and kept the dishwasher from getting rid of its nasty water or completing its cycles. My bet is that it can sense the pressure in the line and just shuts itself down. Good thing, too, or my kitchen would be flooded with nasty dishwater. So, after many good laughs, we spent $79 plus tax for 2 minutes of work. It took longer to type this than it took to "fix" my dishwasher. :-)

- We ran 6 together on Saturday but I rounded that up to a half-marathon (13.1 miles) to make it 61.3 miles for the week...the most since sometime in 2010. I really felt good afterwards which was confirmation of a full recovery less than a week after the Fools 50K trail race.

- I finalized my route for my 39 mile 39th birthday run coming up in about a week. When I turned 36 and 37, I ran those distances from my home and through 4 different communities, stopping briefly along the way for photos and to see friends and family. Last year, many of those people ran varying distances to get me to 38 miles as I was traveling to combat training, en route to Afghanistan. This year, I want my run back and made up a 39 miler to fit the bill. I'll kick it off with an 8.2 mile loop with my wife then off I go. I'll be taking my new Brooks "top secret" wear-testers along for the ride.

- Being sponsored by Brooks, I have found some amazing people out there in the world. One happens to be Erin Henderson who is featured on pages 19 and 20 of May 2012's Runner's World (HumanRace), also a Brooks ID member. She is a 35 year old, mother of TWELVE children who has an amazing story. I've added her to my blog roll at the right if you'd like some inspiration (See Mom Run Far). She's headed to Boston this weekend, by the way.

- I'm all so close to registering for Run Between the Suns 12 hour trail race in northwest PA. It's on June 30th and the calendar works out very much in my favor. I just need to pull the trigger.

- Part of Easter Sunday, we spent time walking on the trails of Quail Hollow State Park in northern Stark County. Here is my public photo album of my photos from our hike, shot wide open with my Nikon D5100. Below are a few of my favorites. Click on any photo to view high quality, full screen that you can save.

One of the many wetland areas

Many things crawling around in there!

Beginning of life

My family in black and white

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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