Friday, April 6, 2012

Hummus Devoured and a Promotion

Pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins and my homemade hummus
(click on photo for high resolution version)
Since I wrote about my hummus yesterday, I thought I'd share the finished product. We had our FamilyLife Homebuilders study last night (5th of 6 sessions) that we host and it was our turn to provide the snacks. The red pepper hummus (red bowl) was SO good. Unfortunately, we ran out of those Wheat Thins! Scooping the remaining hummus out with our fingers and licking them just didn't seem honorable to the hummus so we saved some for later. :-) Those pumpkin/chocolate chip muffins? Oh my. 15 seconds in the microwave and the chips get hot and melted...perfect.

4 years ago this month, I began my new job with the government to marry up with my Navy Reserve career. A government job is perfect for the military reservist as no issues ever arise when the call comes from the Navy to go. No questions asked and job secured. Well, I have been itching to challenge myself further at that job and have been applying for developmental opportunities and promotions for awhile now. All along, my plan has been to hit that hard once I returned home from Afghanistan and be the very best I can be. That labor has been rewarded and I was selected yesterday for a promotion! I'll be moving to another office in the area where I'll be more in an "expert" role where I'll work on the complicated cases, review others' work, mentor new employees, and give training. I'll do this for at least a year. I'm very thankful for this and look forward to the new challenge!

It's a day off from running today but we'll be back out there tomorrow. I still plan to hit a 60 mile week this week and that means tomorrow needs to hit the 12 mile mark. Looking forward to it and a great Easter weekend with my family.

Have a great day and Run Happy!

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Tammy said...

Congratulations on your promotion, Nick!