Friday, April 13, 2012

"I feel like puking."

The morning kinda went like this (no, it DID go like this): me up at 3:50am. Her up at 4am. Espresso brewed, coffee heated, and conversation about our marriage study wrapping up last night and our weekend to come. All of sudden, she was curled back up in bed "to stay warm" as she could hear the furnace running which equaled a chilly morning. Still, though, WE WERE matter what. I knew the stars were out, Mr. Moon was up there, and we could be witness to a glorious sunrise. "I'm getting dressed. Please don't make me run without you," I 'lovingly' said. My Brooks 'secret' wear-testers on and gloves (ugh...those were supposed to be packed until Winter 2013) and off we went.

I felt really good and about 2 miles in, I said: "Even though we haven't run since Easter Sunday, I feel really good. I feel like I have 50 miles in my legs." Her reply? "I feel like puking." Love...isn't it great?! Eventually, we did return home after a crisp 6 miles with negative splits the whole way. In the end, we never regret the run and are always thankful we did it...together. She never did puke, by the way, and I feel like I still have miles in me....well, at least 39 of them on Monday.

Have a great weekend!

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