Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nice Day Off

Call me a fair weather runner...that's OK. Yesterday it was high winds with a temperature around freezing and it's almost May. I simply refuse to pull out the cold weather gear again until Winter 2013. So went my goal to run every day this week. Today, though, I was off work to take my daughter to the doctor for a horrible rash, thanks to poison ivy. Beforehand, I got in a high wind, sunny, and quick 10 miler around home. By many standards, not fast at all but for me, pretty quick at 7:49 a mile and in my very minimal Brooks Pure Connects. I am definitely feeling leaner, faster, and more efficient. Still, no desire to race. My bride is still sidelined so I am solo running.

After a visit to the doc and a steroid shot, we enjoyed some sushi together and simply GREAT father/daughter time. Absolutely priceless day. Since I was home and the teriyaki chicken was already in the crock pot for dinner, I made my favorite garlic mashed potatoes then steamed some asparagus on the stovetop along with some olive oil, basil leaves, thyme, and a few pressed cloves of fresh garlic. The juices from the crock pot provided the perfect gravy. YUM! Just before dinner, my wife made some homemade guacamole which is chilling in the fridge. 2 avocados, lemon juice, 2 small chopped tomatoes, and fresh pressed garlic. Looking forward to that snack tonight!

For now, it's time for our 30-minute date nite while the girls have their music lessons. Always a great time together but too incredibly quick. Looking forward to what fancy desserts are offered tonight.

Have a great night!

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