Thursday, April 12, 2012

12 on the 12th

Stealing an idea from a longtime friend of mine, Kim, today I set out to grab 12 photos throughout the day since it is, in fact, the 12th of April. Here they are!
Tall toffee nut, soy, extra hot, white mocha

"SH'ROOMS from Harmon's in Canton, OH - co-workers took me to lunch for my pre-birthday

Afternoon break at work. Some java and the world's best snack...period.

April 12th devotional at John right now before Jesus is betrayed

Little bit of "white out" on my Navy officer cover for the upcoming inspection

We finished our 6 week in-home study tonight with 3 other couples. GREAT!!!

My wife's homemade brownies for our company tonight...plate is now empty. :-)

Navy "Dress Blue" uniform all ready. I'm the one doing the inspecting so I'd better be squared away!

Last minutes of sunset outside our home after our guests left.

My Brooks Pure Connects that never got worn today. :-( Tomorrow will be different!

Praying with K at bedtime.

Praying with M at bedtime. Amazing to me she still wears the dog tag I sent her from Afghanistan...EVERYWHERE. I sent it to her early in my deployment...around Summer 2011 and she still wears it. Tugs at my heart every day!

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