Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Dad, she'll love it."

I don't buy things often for myself in the clothes arena. However, as I found myself wandering the aisles of Target two days ago after taking the day off with my oldest daughter, we stood there standing at the Mossimo display, looking at 20+ color variants of $9.99 athletic fit tee shirts. Thank goodness I had her and thank goodness for family changing rooms. She has her mom's eyes when it comes to style and what looks good and most importantly, what my wife likes. After all, if "she" doesn't like it, I'll never get out of the house, right?! Plus, what I think looks OK is often dumbed down and immature. No one has ever really trained me up in that category. In the end, it was a light pink shirt with some horizontal white stripes. "You sure Mommy will like this?" "Yea, Dad, she'll love it." "OK, it's on your shoulders!" We picked up her steroid meds for her poison ivy reaction and headed on home with it...and the pink shirt. Back at home while getting ready for our little 30 minute date night on Tuesday night, I put it on and she was right, my wife loved it. Thank goodness! No comments at work, either, as I gave it a spin. Wearing pink is just a little bit out of my comfort zone, I'd say. It may be a little intangible thing in my week, but I enjoyed the counsel I got from my daughter and the feeling of being taken care of...which was later confirmed by a simple smile from my wife. Nothing big...just nice. When the only mode I operate is in "Protect. Defend. Love on. Give. Advise. Pray for" all of the time, it's nice.

Happy Thursday, friends.

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