Thursday, April 2, 2009

I really want to blog....

...but, I really don't feel like I have much to say! I just got back from some authentic Mexican food with my wife. Today, I think I fell off the nutrition wagon to the excuse of carbo-loading for Sunday's 50K. It all started out with a 4.5 mile run. Short...too short...but I am tapering this week like I would for a marathon because I'd sure like to see what I can do on Sunday at the race. So, 4.5 it was. I also took out my new headlamp for a test run. I got Princeton Tec's Apex Pro. It's a little heavier since it has a 2-battery lithium pack on the back. Unlike my tried and true Petzl 4-LED light, this also has 4 small LEDs but also a 3 watt spotlight in the middle. As these 2 dogs came rushing at me at 5am this morning, I turned that baby on and wow!...I lit up their whole front yard! Plus, the dogs shut their mouths and froze in their tracks. I'm sold! Plus, I noticed that due to the orientation of the smaller LEDs, it gives more of a flood pattern with better vision side-to-side which will be helpful on the trails.

Anyway, back to the carbs: Chick-Fil-A is running a special today where they give you a colored receipt after your purchase. Then, at anytime that you return before May 31st with your receipt, everything on it is FREE. That's right...completely free. So, I stopped by the Belden Village location and had my favorite #1 meal: Chicken Biscuit, hash rounds, and diet lemondade. All cooked in peanut oil (a good oil) of course! Except for the diet lemonade...and it's sweetened with Splenda. (I'm watchin' my waistline, ya know!?!) Once I got to work, in an effort to bring a little trail running into the government office, I ran into the office at 7am, my Nathan pack on my back (no water in it, though), and my Petzl headlamp on! It got a pretty good laugh in the office and was a fun way to start the day in an otherwise stressful, super overloaded office. Now they understand just one piece of what I do in my free time. Maybe next week I can run all the way to Canton and stink up the place. Then, they'll truly understand! For lunch, I had a fish sandwich (NOT broiled), some fried mushrooms (THE best around) and some fries. Hmmm....just about everything was cooked in oil so far today. Back in the office, I supplemented my lunch with an orange. OK, now I feel better. (well, it was a small not a regular size orange) The end of the day arrives, I strap on my headlamp once walk in the sunshine out to my car...and hit the road. After the slowest-pumping-gas pump on Planet Earth, I hop on the interstate to hear my phone ring. "Wanna meet me for Mexican? The girls are at my parents." "Well, dear, I ate out at lunch today and didn't eat too good," I reply. "So you don't want to go?" "Oh no, I'll meet you at 5:30!!" So much for self-control. So off to Mexican, chips-n-salsa, and a large burrito stuffed with chicken and fajita-like fixins'. "You must be done by now," you must be thinking. Well, here's the dilemma. At this Mexican restaurant is also my parents' homemade ice cream shop. Fresh homemade ice cream...and my favorite dark chocolate peanut butter. 2 scoops, chopped nuts, pecans. Perfect. Oh geez...I think I've taken this carbo-loading thing to a whole new level. Plus, I think I might be carbo-loaded one day too early! The 50K isn't until Sunday!!!! I should have done this (well, should probably isn't the proper term here) tomorrow! Ugh...I'm feeling a little bit...uh...heavy right now. That's all right...I'll just sleep it all off and run it off tomorrow. Oh dangit! I'm tapering! I'm not "allowed" to!!! OK, maybe I can just keep my glycogen stores topped off until 7am on Sunday. "Focus!!! I know I can do it!"

So anyway, I really don't have anything to blog about so there you have it. A day of carbo-loading taken to a place it should have never gone. I hardly ever eat fried food and today, I think my body will go into shock after this. I think a cleansing is in order. (sorry, but it's true!)

Disclaimer: I typed this blog in a matter of a few minutes, have a ton of built up energy, am talking in my mind a mile-a-minute, and due to the lack of miles this week, feel like I could run a hundred miles right now! Too much energy to contain until Sunday! ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Oh really bright spot: my Runner's World came today and my #1 female elite distance runner is on the cover!!! Kara Goucher!!! You rock, Kara! Don't know Kara? Below is the race and a post race interview of heat II of the 5000m run at the United States Olympic Track and Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon. Kara Goucher is the winner with a time of 15:32.31.

Happy Trails, everyone!


Clara said...

Nice post for not having much to say. :)
-I'm glad those dogs didn't attack you. Good ole pepper spray also does the trick!
-I've never run with a headlamp but of course I'll need it for Mohican; I should be trying it out like you are doing...
-Wow...that day of food is coming from a guy who always talks to me about nutrition! :) I don't want to know what your bathroom smelled like.
-That track race looks so instense! I would be really annoyed if I was in the lead the whole time and then someone beat me 2 seconds before the finish...

Enjoyed the post!

Chris said...

Nick, I've been carbo loading for 42 years!!!! LOL