Wednesday, April 15, 2009

36th Birthday Run Plans

Well, as Forrest would say...."Every run is like a box of never know whatcha gonna get!" Well, not exactly as Forrest says but close enough. This morning while zippin' around my small town in the dark, you would have thought Mr. Moon was out because a great idea fell upon me for my 36th birthday tomorrow: a 36 mile "Tour de Southern Portage County!" I'll leave home in Rootstown, travel through Brimfield en route to Kent. Once in Kent, I'll run by my favorite Pufferbelly Restaurant then stop in at my church, Riverwood Community Chapel, for a quick pic with some friends. After that, I'll stop in at the Kent Starbucks, grab some eats, snap a pic and then head towards Ravenna. Since Marjie will be working tomorrow, a group pic at the Robinson Memorial Hospital Emergency Room is a must-do! Then, I'll cruise through Ravenna, surprise my barber (Heather) then continue back to Rootstown with stops at my parents ice cream shop, their house or my brothers' house, then return home hopefully in time to get my girls off the bus. All in all, 36 miles! I'd like to think that this is the kind of run that my blog was made for. Lots of fun, pictures, and a cool story to tell along the way. Of course, a report will follow soon thereafter with pics to tell the story.

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