Saturday, April 4, 2009

Snow is Gone

The snow is gone from NE Ohio and although we may get a few flurries next week, I am hereby proclaiming the END to Winter 2008/09 in Ohio. NO MORE! With that said, I couldn't look at one more picture on my blog with snow in it so how do you like the new pics? The header up above is one of my all-time favorite pictures from running on the Buckeye Trail. Specifically, this is immediately before arriving at Pine Lane right where that Buckeye Trail brochure holder is. I am so pumped for the spring trail running season that I can barely contain myself! Tomorrow morning at 7:30am is the Fools 50K around the Virginia Kendall and Happy Days area of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I tapered this week (and it nearly killed me) with a whopping 18 miles. I ran 6, 5, 4.5, and 2.5 this morning. A textbook taper to a marathon that has worked beautifully for me in the past. Race conditions tomorrow will be muddy, start in the mid 30s and rising into the low 50s by early afternoon. The chance for rain doesn't threaten until late afternoon...far after I'll finish. In my humble opinion...perfect conditions!

So today is 9 weeks until Kettle Moraine...63 days. Next week the fun will really begin. My family is spending Spring Break and Easter in Colorado Springs with family so I have full reign over my running and running whenever I want to. Friday/Saturday are back to back trail runs with a goal of 10-11 hours on my feet and around 50 miles. How tomorrow goes and how I feel on Monday morning will dictate what happens between now and then. I'm hoping for a successful week of key training in my 100 mile training schedule. Eat right, refuel properly, and listen, listen, listen to my body...all essential parts of success.

I know I ate garbage a few days ago but hopefully you know that is light years away from my normal diet. To that end, here's another article about the trash called high fructose corn syrup. It is published by Hammer Nutrition, the brand of electrolyte, salt tabs, and recovery drink I swear by. It recently came out in their most recent edition of their Endurance News. A quick and necessary read.

Alright's game on. Tomorrow, I have no interest in racing others but I will race myself and that course. I've run the course multiple times so I have an idea at where my 1st lap (25K) time should be. The question will be how I can hold on for the whole 50K. Boiled/salted potatoes will be on hand! After that, nothing else matters except getting my kettle on June 7th. For anyone wanting to join me on my last few back-to-back trail runs for all or any part of, here is my schedule:

April 10/11: Friday at 6pm for 20 miles followed by 30 miles on Saturday morning starting at 7am.

April 25th: I'll join the VR group run this Saturday for a run on some pavement but will probably hit up some trails before the road pounding begins.

May 1/2: this will be my next back-to-back trail run. Similar to April 10/11 but will incorporate more nighttime running and sleep deprivation.

May 15/16: this is the Cleveland Marathon weekend. I will be in Cleveland rooting on local runners but will run my last back-to-back on Friday/Saturday. Similar again to the previous two. This will be the last major training weekend before the Kettle. 3 weeks to go!

Happy Trails, everyone! (one more little tidbit...the video below is what happened at last year's Kettle 100. Lightning and tornadoes were around, too! The video is only 30sec.)

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