Monday, April 20, 2009

M-Cubed for 4/20/2009

Monday Morning Musings for April Twentieth, Two Thousand and Nine. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Well today is the day. The 113th Boston Marathon kicks off today from Hopkinton, MA to Boston, MA. I wish all the very best to the army of local runners who are there! Watch it live here starting at 9:30am. Below is my favorite female distance runner and my pick to win today:

- I'll be honest. It was a lonely weekend inside my brain. I had a Navy drill weekend in Cleveland but there were a few other places I would have loved to have been. One being yesterday's Forget the PR 50K down at Mohican and the other place being Boston, MA. Seeing all the pictures from the Boston expo and hearing the early reports from Forget the PR indicates lots of fellow runners having lots of great experiences.

- The flip side is that it really was a good drill weekend with the Navy. Saturday morning was spent taking tests all morning followed by a great lunch at Al's Deli in downtown Cleveland. I shared an order of hummus with Lisa and had a Chicken Schwarma Wrap for myself. Marjie told me last night she could still smell garlic in the bedroom from me having that hummus and the wrap. Was I oozing garlic, overnight?!?!? Later on Saturday was our semi-annual physical fitness test. For me, it's really not much of a test but it's always fun to see how fast I can cover a whoppin' 1.5 miles. I first knocked out 45 pushups (I wasn't so happy with that), 75 situps (happy with this, though) and a 1.5 mile run along the Lake Erie waterfront in 9min, 12sec....a 6:08 per mile pace. The closest person was 1min, 10sec back. Honestly, I was really happy with that considering I had run 46 miles in the 2 days previous and my right hammy was actin' up a bit. (The run fixed that, by the way...somehow) Yesterday, we spent the day at the Reserve Center in Akron where Rear Admiral Ray English was in town. I am a Supply Officer in the Navy and he is the most senior Supply Officer in the region. To give you an idea of how senior an admiral is, an admiral is someone who the President of the United States goes to when he needs an answer or some direction related to the Navy. If you watch "24," you've seen that a lot lately in scenes with the Joint Chiefs. He certainly doesn't come to me! After speaking to everyone at the center, we got some more interactive time with him when we went out to Applebee's in Cuyahoga Falls for lunch followed by more a more professional meeting afterwards talking about our futures, supporting the War on Terror, and our training path. All-in-all, a very good time and a rare one in fact. Below is a picture I got the hostess at Applebee's to take for us. (of course, I was secretly needing a pic for my blog and for Facebook...hehehehehe!!!!!!)

- You know the 'ol saying "practice what you preach"??? Last week was NOT that. It was supposed to be a down week and what did my crazy brain do? It came up with that crazy idea of running 36 miles on Thursday...on asphalt. Well let me tell you Mr. right butt muscle is not so happy about 36 miles of asphalt! However, I myself am very thankful you came up with the idea! I loved it and it was the PERFECT way to spend my birthday! I took the picture below at mile 20.5 with my camera phone. I thought that those of you who call me crazy would appreciate it. Think I should check in??? - So with last week's "down" week (yea, right!) of 68 miles and the week prior at 92 miles, let's just say that April 2009 will be by far the highest mileage month of my life. I'll pass up 200 miles this week with time still left the following week. I suppose that if there is ever a time to do this, it is at the peak of training for my 100 miler so in reality, it actually does make sense...logical sense. Wait a minute...did I just use the word "logical" in the same sentence as "100 miler"??? Yes.

- This week's training will be pretty low-key. The idea is to rest this week, rebuild, grow stronger, and be ready for my last really long back-to-back training weekend the following week...the first weekend in May. That's 5 weeks out from Kettle Moraine. So far, 68 runners are signed up for the June 6th event.

- Time now for a necessary Monday morning pre-dawn run. It's 54F and drizzling rain out there. Mentally, I've been in a funk since last night so hopefully, this run will work some of its usual magic on me. I have that real feeling of being alone right now for some reason....need to run it off.

- Have a great week everyone and I'm already looking forward to hearing reports from "chowder country"....Boston.

Happy Trails, everyone!

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