Monday, March 30, 2009

M-Cubed for 3/30/2009

Monday Morning Musings (M-Cubed) for March 30th, 2009

- T-68 days and counting until the Kettle and only a handful of weekends left for good/long/quality runs

- On my rolling 6 this morning around home, I couldn't help but think about many people who are training for their first marathon this spring or their first ultra-marathon. It is very common at this point in training where you are hitting 20 miles for the first time to get over-confident and over-train. Endorphins are running wild and you feel amazing. I know. I've been there and experience it all the time. Also common at this point is overuse injuries. I can't emphasize enough the need to stick to your training schedule. Do what it says and no more. Rest is equally as important as the running itself. Also, don't freak out in the last 3 weeks before your event. If you've trained well, be confident in it. You won't lose your fitness in only a couple of weeks although I promise, you'll feel like a slug for cutting your mileage so much. On the other hand, if you don't have a training plan to stick to...well, it's kinda late to say this but to fail to plan is to plan to fail. So with that said, stick to your plan and reach the finish line. THAT is the ultimate goal (and to have fun along the way, of course!).

- April 10th/11th are going to be my next back-to-back 20+ mile trail run days. The plan is to run from 6pm-10pm on Friday night for 20+ miles and starting on Saturday, another 30 miles over a span of 6-7 hours. Lunch at the Winking Lizard afterwards. Post on the VR Board if you want to join me for all or any part of it. Details here. The goal will be 10-11 hours on my feet and to put into practice the hydration and nutrition plans I have for the KM100. The only thing I haven't tested yet over many hours is introducing protein. I've got the carbs (potatoes) and electrolytes (Heed/Shot Bloks) down but not the protein. My plan will be to use Hammer's Perpetuem.

- Thanks to Brian Musick for lending me "Running the Sahara." When Charlie Engle was on his tour through our area to screen the movie, I missed it but Brian went and got a copy of the film. I highly recommend it to runners and non-runners alike. Very inspirational and very good mental training for the 100-miler that lies ahead. 4500 miles, 3 runners, no days off...simply unbelievable.

- The sold-out Fools 50K is this Sunday and it should be a blast! The weather forecast (although very subject to change in the Spring in NE Ohio) is looking great right now with lows in the low 40s and highs in the low 50s. I'm helping Lloyd mark the course Saturday late afternoon, too. I'm tapering this week like I would before a marathon and would really like to challenge this course. I know it extremely well which will help in managing how each section is run. Having Salt Run as the last segment is a brutal way to end this 50K...but hey, I wouldn't want it any other way! I'm also looking forward to seeing so many new trail runners out that day. Lots signed up for the 25K.

- I went over the 200 mile point this morning for the month of March. Not much by some folks' standards but for me, I rarely cross the 200 mile point in a month. I've only done it once or twice before and that was last year while training for Burning River. It wasn't a goal or anything, it just happened. I really don't care about weekly mileage, I just want to run. (well, I care but it doesn't rule my life or anything...more of a barometer to keep me in check)

- Watch your inbox for the April edition of the Western Reserve Trail Running newsletter. It is, by far, the longest newsletter to date and chock full of great information that everyone should really enjoy. With Spring being sprung here in NE Ohio, trail running is alive and well! If you don't get the newsletter, stop by the WRTR website and sign up before Tuesday night and you'll get it.

- I've got to tell ya...running sleep deprived is a whole different experience. Even though I only ran for 3hrs on Friday night, it was totally different. That was good exposure and experience that will help me later. The mental side REALLY takes center stage. Physically, I felt 100%. Mentally, as I blogged about on Saturday, I didn't have the passion. I just wanted to go home. At least now I know what I need to work on. Priceless training, I'd say.

- I often draw on music for inspiration. For me, it nearly always falls on music within the Contemporary Christian genre and typically, I'm listening to Casting Crowns. They really help me keep the focus "upward" instead of "inward." Here's a video below that has garnered nearly 7.6 million views on YouTube. Lyrics to "Who Am I". Enjoy!

- We (Marjie and I) are big fans of "Friday Night Lights" that is on NBC on Friday nights. "Coach Taylor" said something on Friday's episode that has stuck with me. He was talking to a guy whose family has crumbled and all he has left is his daughter. He said: "Money. It comes and goes. Your kids...well, that's a one-shot deal." Isn't that the truth? Worthy of some deep thoughts and inward reflection, I think.

- I picked up the item on top of my Most-Wanted list this morning, the Princeton Tec Apex Pro headlamp. It has a whopping 130 lumens and from reviews and personal testimonies, this is one of the best headlamps to light up the trail at night. It has a LED spotlight but also 4 smaller LEDs on the sides so there are plenty of options. It's powered by 2 CR123 batteries so weight is lower than the AA version but yes, it's still heavier than my Petzl which I'll still use, especially around home on early morning runs like this morning. Thanks to Slim and Gombu for the recommendation!

Have a great April, everyone!

Happy Trails!

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