Monday, March 16, 2009

M-Cubed for 3/16/09

"M-Cubed" = M to the 3rd Power = 3 M's = "Monday Morning Musings"
I came up with this idea during my morning run this morning and thought I'd give it a try.

M-Cubed for 3/16/09
"A spattering of thoughts that alone don't condone a blog post but collectively need to be shared."

- I really love Cape Cod Potato Chips (specifically,the 40% reduced fat, kettle chip variety...cooked in a "good" oil - canola oil)
- Another weekend with the Navy confirms I really do love serving my country in uniform
- While I love the Navy, I sure did miss being on Saturday and Sunday morning's group runs
- The Fed chairman says that the key to getting out of our depression is to get the banks to "loan more freely"...isn't that what got us into this mess???
- To run without passion is to run on empty
- There isn't much out there that can compete with the innocent smile on my girls' faces
- I can't help but smile when I see the daffodils pushing up
- I ache more with less miles on asphalt than I do with more miles on trail
- 82 days until Kettle Moraine....oh geez....
- I am going to do my very best to have a positive attitude this week although the environment is incredibly negative
- Body fat and physical fitness standards are for everyone in the military, not a select few
- Is it Friday yet? I can't wait to run the Fools 25K course on Friday and again on Saturday
- I'm just waiting for the perfect weekend afternoon to take my family to the Akron Zoo
- It is awesome to have such a peace in everything and cast every worry/decision/thought on Him
- I'll admit it: I'm addicted to running. If I don't get my "fix," I'm a grump to be around
- I wonder who my 200th Facebook friend will be.
- I really don't like the new Facebook layout.
- I cannot imagine not being married and can't imagine being married to anyone else. Been so since age 19 and for over 16 years now.
- I'm really in the mood for the #1 breakfast off of the Chick-Fil-A menu right now: Chick-Fil-A Chicken biscuit, hash rounds, and a diet fresh-squeezed lemonade...mmmmmmGood!
- I don't think people know that oil tankers are sitting off the coasts of many countries around the world full because on-shore facilities are full. Demand has dropped so much so why isn't gas at $0.99 a gallon??? One word: greed. I wonder when the main-stream media will tell the world about this...don't hold your breath!
- All of my 1hr drives to and from Cleveland this past weekend were in silence. Nothing sounded good to listen to. All I wanted was peace and quiet.
- Lastly, I hope this week goes by REALLY fast. It's only Monday morning just after 7am and I'm ready for the weekend.

Happy Trails, everyone!

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Clara said...

#1- Only 82 days until Kettle? Holy cow that's soon! That means Mohican is also coming up.

#2- Married since 19? That's awesome, congrats!