Monday, March 23, 2009

M-Cubed for 3/23/2009

Monday Morning Musings (M-Cubed) for March Twenty-Third, Two Thousand and Nine

- I am extremely grateful for a 100% successful weekend in the running category: Friday = 22 trail miles, Saturday = 20 faster trail miles, Sunday = comfy 10 miles on roads around home.

- Does anyone else have that Filet-o-Fish commercial with the talking fish stuck in the head? "Give me that Filet-o-Fish...give me that fish!"

- 75 days until Kettle Moraine: this weekend was a huge confidence boost

- I'm a very organized, to the letter, first-born, Type A personality, type of guy. The only thing complete off its rocker is my desk at work. It is out of control and I can't get it back under MY control. This is creating a huge amount of stress!

- Here in northeast Ohio, we've had 8 straight days of sunshine! That is unheard of up here! Plus, the 5-day forecast is continuing that trend.

- As of now, we've had 77" of snow, or 6'5" for the '08/'09 winter season. Unfortunately, according to Fox 8's Andre' Bernier, we can't put the shovels away until April 15th.

- Yesterday was the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach. I sure do miss it there along with so many of my great running friends. They're the ones who got me started on this who running gig 12 years ago. I've run Shamrock twice and plan to return again some day.

- I forgot to mention: a week ago, I was running on the Boston Run Trail by myself while measuring the Fools 50K/25K course and about 2/3 of the way through it, I got a bit startled. One of the National Park workers stood mid-trail, facing me, and holding a chain saw. Texas Chainsaw Massacre, anyone?! He totally freaked me out! It turns out he saw me coming and decided to wait for me to ask me to help him roll the tree off the trail that he just cut in half. So when you pass a fallen tree, cut in half with just enough room to get by, that's the one! He was a very nice guy, even though he did cause my heart to skip a few beats!

- So many local runners had a great running weekend: from training runs on the Fools course, to the Green Jewel 50K, to night running on the Buckeye Trail...spring has arrived in northeast Ohio and it's cool to share the trails and passion for being out there with so many others

- So am I sore after 52 miles this weekend? Honestly, I'm more sore from spending 3 hours washing, waxing, and detailing my car than I am from running. Amazingly, I haven't an ache, pain, or anything from the miles. In fact, if I had zero common sense and had no commitments, I 100% had the desire and drive to head out last night to the CVNP and hit the trails for 20 miles of night-running. I really wanted to go....but alas, common sense prevailed. enough. Perhaps a month from now???

- Revelation Realized: I am not addicted to running. Nope. I finally discovered on the way to church yesterday why it is I am driven to get out there for hours on end with zero boredom and the continued desire for more. I won't share this revelation here...but feel free to ask me on the trails sometime or one-on-one. Now that I have a clear picture, I can embrace it and use it to fuel my future endeavors and fully wrap myself around it.

- I've been having these lower abdomen pains over the last week. Running seemed to aggravate it and rest seemed to cure it or let it subside a bit. With that said, I was a bit worried what this past weekend's mileage would do to it. Ironically, it's virtually gone now after the weekend. Hmmm...perhaps running cures ailments?!

- What I've learned lately: 1. Hammer's Recoverite is the bomb! I fully believe it has played an instrumental part in staying injury-free and recovering the correct way. 2. Boiled/salted potatoes absolutely work in keeping energy levels up. 3. The new Clif Shot Blok packaging technique works really well and makes it very easy to eat on the run. 4. Down weeks following big mileage weeks are the key for me. Occasionally, 2 big weekends back-to-back is fine but overall, the up-n-down method of training really allows for good recovery and very successful big-mileage-weekends.

- I wonder if anyone is interested in a night trail run this Thursday for about 2 hours...I'm thinking about an 8:45pm start time. Sure, we'll be tired at work on Friday, but we'll make it worth it! E-mail me if you're interested.

- We had a great time at the zoo this past Saturday. It was a great, relaxing time with my family and also a way to keep the lactic acid from taking up residence in my legs immediately after the 2nd 20 miler. We'll definitely return.
Happy Trails, everyone! Please, have a great week and make today and everyday count!


Clara said...

Great miles this weekend! I'm jealous and I need to go do the same!!

Brian said...

I laugh everytime I hear that McDonald's commercial.. great marketing.