Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Recovery and Strawberries

You may remember in races and ultras past that I've been recovering practically overnight. True. It's been four days since Highlands Sky and I'm still walking like I ran Highlands Sky! My quads really did take a thrashing. I took Sunday off and ran an easy five on Monday morning like I mentioned in my M-Cubed post. I took yesterday off and again today. Heck...I slept 9 hours last night which is WAY more than normal. I'm still a little achy today but am still going to keep it as rest again. These are the reasons why my monthly mileage numbers go down during big race months...because of the days surrounding the races. I'm sure I'll be able to run fine tomorrow, even if there is some discomfort. One thing is for sure...I mentally NEED to run and get out there. I'm going a bit stir crazy without my 'drug' of choice. Overall, though, I'm good and thrilled with the weekend as it slips into the rear-view mirror. As I wished at the finish, I plan to keep this on the calendar each year. It's just THAT good...from the trip to the people to the course to the finish line to the post-race food/restaurants/travel. (heck of a run-on sentence, eh?!) Above is a photo of Amy and me. I mentioned her in my race report but no photo had emerged as of then. I mentioned in my race report that we met up on the Road Across the Sky then split and caught each other over and over again. For the final 4.1 miles, we kept each other moving strong to the finish and race director, Dan Lehmann, grabbed this photo of us seconds after the finish. Thanks, Dan! For Amy, "Great job at getting your first Highlands Sky finish and catching the bug to return next year!" :) I met great people last year and met even more this year. I guess that's ANOTHER reason to go back. :)

Secondly today, I have to share a recipe. I don't regularly photograph my food but this is an exception. My wife found this recipe at and it's off the hook! For me, what brings it home is a awesome combination of the poppy seed dressing, the strawberries, and walnuts. She took my girls to a strawberry patch on Monday in Hiram, OH and picked the strawberries and then we had this salad for dinner. I had it again today for lunch before the strawberries start going bad. Oh so good. The only change to the recipe is that she omitted the onions and added blueberries. Looks amazing, doesn't it?! It is! Here's the recipe.

Have a great rest of your week and the final two weeks of June! Run Happy and Hammer On!

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