Monday, June 23, 2014

M-Cubed for 6.23.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for June Twenty-Third, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- It was a super busy weekend for many and not so much for us but a great one, regardless. From a mini-date night to the mall and some American Eagle shopping (a store I am coming to like more) and late night Chipotle on Friday to keeping my wife's half-marathon-a-month streak alive on Saturday morning with our "Summer Solstice Half Marathon" to the Hudson's Farmer's Market after that and then to spending hours detailing her car yesterday with ice cream to cap off the was a great weekend! (I love giving you grammar-freaks a cardiac arrest with my run-on sentences!) This photo is from the end of our half marathon on Saturday.

- A friend of mine who I never knew growing up but was raised in the same small town and my current hometown hit Day 400 of his running streak over the weekend. He recently finished the grueling Comrades Marathon in Africa and to keep his streak alive, he got in his mile in the airport on the way home to the USA. Believe it or not, there is a "United States Running Streak Association"...aka SRI/USRSA. According to their website, "The official definition of a running streak, as adopted by the Streak Runners International, Inc., and United States Running Streak Association, Inc., is to run at least one continuous mile (1.61 kilometers) within each calendar day under one's own body power (without the utilization of any type of health or mechanical aid other than prosthetic devices). Running under one's own body power can occur on either the roads, a track, over hill and dale, or on a treadmill. Running cannot occur through the use of canes, crutches or banisters, or reliance on pools or aquatic devices to create artificial buoyancy." According to my friend, the current all-time leader has 45 YEARS in and counting! That man is also still averaging 80 miles a week. Amazing. So I'm going to give it a whirl and I'd love to see this become something. It seems very daunting at this point but every goal must have a beginning, right? With that being said, my streak began on June 19th. I am maintaining an ultra-simple spreadsheet to keep track of it. Care to join in? It's all honor system and it's not until the 1 year point that you register and pay the $20 fee. (Of course I vetted it! The SRI/USRSA is a non-profit and the fees go to maintaining the website and publishing the once-a-year massive newsletter.) Here is their website and here is their Facebook page that anyone can join.

- I mentioned last week about cascara...the skins removed from coffee cherries. Well, we cold brewed a french press's worth of it yesterday afternoon. It's sitting here waiting to be pressed and drank later today. I used about 15oz of the dried skins (shown here before I added the water). Looking forward to it! I also tried something else from Bent Tree Coffee Roasters on Saturday at the farmers' market. They took fresh hops, which are normally used to make beer, and cold brewed them with one of their coffees. Before you think I drank alcoholic coffee, hops don't contain alcohol..they're a plant! Anyway, it was refreshingly sweet and served over ice...very good! I have no idea if they'll make it again but I enjoyed it!

- Next month, we'll be going to the free Minimalists Tour in Cleveland. We've been following their page on Facebook and website for awhile now. Always great encouragement to live more with less. I highly recommend following them. Anyway, they linked to a New Yorker article over the weekend that I really enjoyed called "Why Are We So Busy?" It takes into account research done long ago with predictions and brings it to current day with what "actually" took place. It is a great article and one I recommend reading while enjoying your favorite cup of java or tea.

- Nothing like photo-bombing my own photo. Even better, a "bovine-selfie." Yep...I did both on yesterday morning's Sunday morning run. Goof? That would be a safe and accurate observation. Gotta have fun and keep not taking myself too seriously, right?! Right. Power to the selfie!

- If you're on Facebook, have you seen the new Timehop App? The Timehop App is an app you download from your app store for free. You match it up with your choices of social media sources like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Then, once per day, it pulls out 3-5 random posts from 1, 2, 3, and 4 years ago on the same date. They might just be tweets or status updates or photos. I post a lot of photos so I'm seeing a bulk of that. Anyway, I began it yesterday and I like it. It gets me thinking about things from the past and let's me choose to share them...or not. It might be worth checking out if you use any of those platforms just to see what you find. Below is the one I shared yesterday to give you an idea.

- I'm going to leave you with a super short quote today. I know some of you need to hear this. You're going through something where you can't even see the light of day and may have convinced yourself that there is nothing left living for and it's time to give up...throw in the for yourself from now on because no one else nor anything else is worth living for. Below the quote is a photo from a sunrise a few days back on a morning run. Let the quote and the beautiful sunrise be a source of hope for you...that you WILL get through will will make it. Look outside yourself for the strength to get there and look to serve others. It's counterintuitive but I'm asking you to give it a shot. As written in Matthew 20:16 > "So the last will be first, and the first will be last."

“Faith is seeing the light with your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.”
- Unknown

Have a great week, everyone!

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