Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Poem: From the Rain

Falling asleep last night, the rain was falling
Too many days off, I had to run in the morning
Restless, turning, no good dreams happening
12:30am sleep, more dreams

Espresso brewed, clock not yet half past 3
Fellow sailors posting on Facebook from Afghanistan
Lunchtime there, family here
Rain steady, relentless, no sign of ending

My pair of Brooks, a pair of shorts
Soaked before I left the driveway
Cold pellets hit my chest
Refreshing so it was

Pupils dilating, very dark with no first light
Standing water, feet getting soaked
Thoughts escaping to the Dolly Sods
That section of "God's Country" I ran through a short 5 days ago

Untouched country, no electric, no technology, not even a chainsaw allowed
I remember how the air smelled, how it changed with the direction of the wind
I felt free, I appreciated how perfect it was and how all of the "stuff" means so little
I was reminded in the dark rain this morning of such thoughts...shorts weighted down by the rain

First light tried to light the road but the rain and dark clouds prevailed
Rain pouring over my eyelids and down my face
It felt natural, it felt right, it felt...perfect
Eyes shut and head tilted up, I caught a few drops in my mouth

Ever run and think "I must look awesome out here"?
You imagine an elite runner you just saw in a magazine was like that. I felt awesome but a glance down...
Well, it's just me. It's not him. Fat is still there along with my oddball gait

But we run. We run for different reasons, I'm sure...but we run.
On this morning, my quads still reminded me they were there
But the refreshing rain over my chest, the dripping from head to toe
It made me feel closer than ever to the One who gives me every breath

Out there....out there, I'm untouchable.
The junk, the past, the demons, the memories, the dreams
They can't touch me, they can't have me, it's my rules
To appreciate, to love, to be thankful for a pounding chest to propel me down the road

The cardinals, the red-winged blackbirds, and the bullfrogs
Life abounding, life rich in the falling rain
The run has to end but it'll have a new beginning
Tomorrow, next week, next month, next year

No telling when my light will be extinguished
Unknown when I'll feel the rain on my chest no more
I must make the most of today, love others, serve others more
To those entrusted to me, I must protect

I was asked yesterday, "If you could tell a group of people one thing, what would it be?"
I thought about it, I pondered and processed the question and opportunity
I said: "Love others and serve them without end instead of pursuing your own happiness...
...for the happiness you'll find will far surpass anything you'll ever achieve on your own."

A poem.

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