Monday, June 9, 2014

M-Cubed for 6.9.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for June Ninth, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Ah, yes...taper week. Soon, we'll begin our trek to eastern West Virginia outside the town of Davis, WV. 40 miles in national wilderness and the mountains is on deck! I even read last year's race report yesterday to prepare my mind throughout this week for what's to come. It's going to be a great one! (to better prepare, I even updated my Facebook timeline photo using PicMonkey with a smattering of photos from last year's race...including me crossing the finish line, of course.) :)

- If you read yesterday's post, you know we had a massive garage sale over the weekend. That consumed the majority of our weekend and we're so glad it's done. Even through all of that, I already heard the dreaded words yesterday from my wife as I found something laying in the laundry room: "That goes in the garage sale pile." WHAT?! Already?! We're already beginning the 2015 "Garage Sale Pile" in the basement. I never ends!

- I love how my daughters' minds work. Last year, they made homemade lemonade from scratch and chocolate chip cookies and sold them at the garage sale. This year, it was cookies, no lemonade, and added in charms and handmade bracelets using their loom and rubber bands. The entrepreneurial spirit makes this business-minded guy and father smile. In the end, it was a lesson on supply and demand. The cookies sold out long before the end of the sale and the charms and bracelets didn't move much. We discussed that and I'm sure they'll adjust their strategy for 2015.

- My wife and I have been following the "minimalists" for awhile now, mostly via their Facebook page. Living with less, giving, name it, they've helped us. They posted a great "Top 10" list yesterday on "10 Unconventional Habits to Live Distraction-Less" and wow, is it good!! I highly recommend giving it a quick read. They are also on a 100-city book tour. They'll be in Cleveland on July 7th and we've already reserved our free tickets to see them speak. Here is the whole list of cities and links to RSVP. Meet us there!

- It may be the top or at least Top 5 material for running selfies. On a sunrise run just a few days ago, I grabbed this shot in my hometown park. It's a manmade pond that captures the sunrise perfectly every time I happen to choose that route in the morning. Tall reeds pushing up from the water, beautiful reflections (which I have become very drawn to, I've found), and lots of color. I even got myself (and a reflection) in this shot. Thank you iPhone timer app and a quick sprint around the pond!

- Today will be a great day. As a Naval Officer, I have commissioned several people over the past 6 months during my tour as a recruiter but I finally get to give the oath to one of my own today that I have worked with since the beginning. Since first contact last Fall, I have walked him through the process of becoming a Naval Aviator and he was finally selected a few months ago. His journey towards that goal starts late summer but today, he'll finally raise his right hand and swear to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States...." His mom and dad will be in attendance, too, to celebrate it with him. It'll be the enlistment oath, though. As an officer candidate, he won't actually take the commissioning oath until after 12 weeks at Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Newport, Rhode Island. On that day, he'll be commissioned as a Naval Officer and begin his two year training towards earning his "wings" as a Naval Aviator in Pensacola, Florida. I must admit...I love my job and my chance to be at the front end of the Navy where people's Naval careers begin!

- The garage sale was draining but we did find a way to enjoy Saturday night after delivering 3 car loads of books, clothing and household goods to Goodwill and the library. In nearby Kent, they were having their "Masterpieces on Main Art and Wine Festival." They sectioned off two roads where local and regional art exhibitors had their tents set up and down the center put wineries where tasting were being given. For $15, we purchased the souvenir glass and six tickets for six tastings. When I say tastings, I mean just that...a taste...only 1 ounce! Of course, if you found a favorite, you could certainly spend multiple tickets or buy more for $1 per ticket. About 6 or 7 wineries were out there. We enjoyed some vino and even sat on the grass at the Hometown Bank Plaza and listened to local artists string up some jazz and the evening wore on. The oddball tasting of the night certainly goes to a jalapeno-infused wine. I'm not a big fan of spicy but I actually enjoyed it, even though it lit me up! A big 'ol jalapeƱo pepper sat in the bottom of each bottle. Overall, "Masterpieces on Main" was a perfect ending to a crazy couple of days. Pretty cool glasses, too!

- This week, I leave you with a quote that's perfect for a new week's beginning. Make this week a great one! "Cheers!"

"Prioritize: Take an honest look at your average week, identify your inefficient uses of time and eliminate the things that don't serve your goals. No matter how busy you are, if you are truly honest about this inquiry, I guarantee you can make some cuts and carve out some time. Remember: Nothing changes if nothing changes."

-Rich Roll, ultra-distance endurance athlete

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