Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day

Go ahead...get the chuckle out of your system. Yes...we (runners) have a "holiday" and it's today! National Running Day is here and is intended to be a coast-to-coast celebration of running from the veterans to those just beginning. If you check out their website or Facebook page, you'll see lots of badges that all begin with "I RUN..." and then a reason...and you know we all have reason we run. Here's the history and purpose of today...straight from their website:

National Running Day, held annually on the first Wednesday in June, is a day when runners everywhere declare their passion for running.

Since 2009, the country's foremost running organizations have worked together to celebrate our sport with thousands of participants on the first Wednesday of June. We encourage runners to join in by planning a run, spreading the running bug to a friend, signing up for a race, or setting a new goal. 

So here we are...with a question posed and begging an answer: I Run...  why? Why do I run? What do I run for? Who do I run for? That has changed over the years. Ultimately, it may sound selfish but we all run for ourselves. The literal act of running does not have a benefit to anyone else directly except for us. Now, we can certainly run in honor of someone, in memory of someone, or wear the colors/jersey of an organization to raise funds for them or raise awareness. I wear the Team RWB jersey quite a bit at races (see the logo at the top right sidebar of this blog) which is meant to raise awareness of veterans among us, especially while we're in the midst of the longest war of our country's history. It also unites those "wearing the eagle" at races as we typically go up to each other and root each other on throughout the day. We also may be running to reach goals like to lose weight, to get faster, to be able to complete our first 5K, marathon, or 100 mile race. The "I Run..." answer can and will have multiple levels to it...but ultimately, we...the runner...well, it's for us.

So why do you run? Please feel free to comment on this post and share your thoughts...I'd love to hear them. I thought a lot about this on my morning 10 miler today. I hit the road before 5am to make sure I had enough time to fit in my favorite 10 mile loop before work...and wow, what a gorgeous morning it was. Clear and First Light before the clock struck 5am...and fog resting in the lowest areas in the new fields of corn and soybeans. The occasional deer appeared with his or her friends nearby, there were cattle resting in one field under the fog and the birds were singing as if providing a choir concert to anyone who would listen. I was.

Sunrise this morning
I RUN, because...

  • I am free out there
  • I feel like the darkness of the world can't touch me
  • I like to hear the sound of my breathing
  • I like to feel the thump of my heart beating within my chest
  • I know I have a "hardline" to the God I speak to
  • I get to enjoy God's creation in all 4 seasons
  • I can eat a lot more and not look like I eat a lot more :)
  • I like the way a size 34 fits me when it used to be a tight 38
  • I love to take photos of my travels and share them
  • I enjoy setting goals and meeting them
  • it's fun
  • it's quiet
  • I love finish line...especially when it takes hours to cross it
  • it's fun to take short family "vacations" that include a race in the mountains
  • it inspires others to consider trying it themselves
  • it gives me something to write about
  • I know at some point I will want to quit and I get to be witness to me NOT quitting
  • I like to set goals and run races that most consider downright crazy
  • a Starbucks Frappuccino is the very best and like none other after finishing an ultra
  • what is to church for many on Sunday, most runs are for me when it comes to worship
  • I can.
Run Happy and Hammer On out there, friends. No better way to end today's post than to share yet another "running selfie" from this morning's 10 miler around home. Happy National Running Day!

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