Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quarter Down

One quarter down, three quarters to go. It was great to see March disappear last night and welcome in April this morning. It has been a tough winter here in the midwest and we're more than ready for Spring to arrive. I just hope it hangs out for a little longer than normal since it arrived so late. With temperatures heading into the 60s today, it's encouraging, to say the least.

Yesterday, I was up at 3:30am and an hour later I hit the road for a hard 10-miler. Occasionally, I just like to see what I have inside. I ran my trusty 10-mile loop which is all country and a bunch of hills thrown in. For me, I crushed it...just under sub-8 minute miles for the whole thing and I felt great at the end. Later yesterday, I made the "mistake" at looking at my running log for March. I have what I like to call "Runners OCD" so when I saw 187.5 miles, I simply couldn't let that stand. While I don't have the hard fast goal of running 200 miles a month (that would blow my annual record out of the water by about 300 miles!), it's kind of a nice number that when I get close to it, I like to cross it. With that being said, I resolved to soak in the forecasted sunny skies and mid-50s and go out for a late afternoon run before dinnertime...on my around-home half marathon route. I felt like a million bucks BEFORE I laced up but quickly after stepping out into the sun, my body reminded me of that hard morning run. Still, though...it was sunny...it was warm...and heck, it's only 13.1 miles, right? I ran 62.4 miles a few weeks ago so 13.1 should be a piece of cake. Well, it wasn't. It wasn't long before I had to turn on the tunes and distract myself and to pass the time. I didn't walk it but I certainly didn't haul tail, either. It was a tough go but I did enjoy sweating again and wearing some spring/summer gear again. I just recently got involved with Team RWB Akron/Cleveland chapter so I wore the "Eagle" for the run that will most likely be my 'uniform' for most of the 2014 races remaining. In the end, I knocked out my afternoon half marathon and racked up an unplanned 23.1 miles yesterday and 200.6 for the month. WOOT! So with one quarter down, I'm at 575 miles for the year...really, only shy of a 200 mile/month average by 25 miles. Now if I run 225 miles in April...   :-)

Moving forward, lots of fun things coming up on the calendar. My wife and I will be hosting, for the first time, Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University in our hometown, starting in two days from now. We have a full class and are really looking forward to facilitating this. It changed our lives and marriage back in late 2009 so we're really excited to share it with others and watch the change happen. Racing heats up, too, as my next 50K is a week from this Saturday on April 12th at the Forget the PR 50K in Mohican State Park followed by the Inaugural Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH two weeks later. That'll be my one and only marathon of the year and it should be a grand time. If you happen to be in the military and either active duty or a reservist, you can gain FREE entry, no strings attached. The bonus will be mile 21...1000 full size American Flags lining the course. It's also a Team RWB event so lots of Eagles will be on the course that day. So by month's end, my marathon total should hit 28 as well as my ultra marathon total hit 28. Unofficially, I will probably mix in my own little ultra when I cross the "41 years on this earth" day and run a whole bunch that day. I tend to run through multiple towns on my birthday each year so we'll see what this year holds.

I have now hit "writer's block" or in this case, "Blogger's Block" so I'll leave you with that...seemingly lots to say but it's all being held captive in my brain. Enjoy your Spring and make it a great 2nd quarter of 2014!

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