Monday, April 7, 2014

M-Cubed for 4.7.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for April Seventh, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- First off, huge kudos and a "Job Well Done!" to "Kimba" who completed the Zion 100 Mile Run over the weekend through the southern Utah desert. She finished in 30hrs, 43min! I'm sure she'll write her race report soon at but she has already posted several photos of the area from when she explored prior to the race. Her blog is also in my feed down on the lower right of my blog if you want to check back for her report. "Way to go, Kimba!"

- I have been debating for awhile about creating a Facebook extension of this blog and finally did over the weekend. Often, I have things to share but I don't blog them. This is the avenue for that. Feel free to "like" and "share" by going here: I continue to have Instagram and Twitter feeds. Handles for both are also "rtrsbm".

- I knocked out a gorgeous half marathon prior to church yesterday. I woke up at 4am and at 4:30am, I realized I wasn't going back to sleep. Up and at 'em! By 6:15am, I was on the road for 7 or so, then it was 10, and eventually turned into 13.1. I took Saturday off so I felt really great this morning and since the family was sleeping, I simply saw no reason to stop running. (That's my logic and I'm sticking to it!) I caught this sunrise along the run...beautiful, isn't it?

- Pet Peeve: If you fly Old Glory (and I sure do hope you do), take care of her. ONLY because I don't want to get in trouble for trespassing, I haven't taken 3 different flags down along my daily running route. This one house has EVERY white and red stripe totally gone and several stars now. At least 75% of the original flag is GONE...yet it flies. It's offensive and it shouldn't be flying. Please...PLEASE...don't be that person. Bring her down, dispose of her properly, and replace her. A lot of American blood has been spilled to keep her flying we are still a nation at war. Thank you.

- Parenthood fan? OK, we are. We don't subscribe to cable and only employ an HDTV antenna. But, we do pay $7.99 for Netflix and are working through Season 3...two episodes left. Season 5 is currently being shown on network TV. We LOVE this show. We find ourselves here and there asking ourselves in situations "What would the Bravermans do?" Come on...I know we're not the only ones! :) One thing I keep picking up on is "boundaries." They don't have any...or very little. Raising children, relations within he workplace, inter-family relationships...their priorities are all out of whack. My wife and I both agree, though...we're Adam and Kristina...if any.

- 5 days! 5 days until my 28th ultra marathon. This one will be the Forget the PR 50K within Mohican State Park...between Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Unlike any other race, they are offering packet pickup all week long at the Vertical Runner specialty running store in Wooster, OH and my job just so happens to be taking me close to there today so I'll be stopping in to pick up my bib number and race packet. This race was kick butt last year and I did very of my best 50Ks...but it's not easy. It's a tough race and the rainfall this week will certainly have an impact on how things go on Saturday on the trails. My goal? Run strong, have fun, and finish. Here is last year's race report if you want to check it out.

- If you've been reading for awhile, you know my family follows the financial principles of Dave Ramsey. Back on Christmas 2009, we changed everything we did financially, built a budget, cut up our credit cards, and got out of debt. (I blogged about the 7 Baby Steps here) Well, we are now bringing the material we used to our local community via Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. It's a 9-week class that we are facilitating. Keeping in line with good money management, we're using our small Town Hall for free...a benefit that any citizen has but few know about or take advantage of. Back on January 1st, I booked 9 straight weeks just for this class. It's a volunteer effort my wife and I are thrilled to embark on. We hoped for 3-5 families to register. We have 9. :-) Week 1 down and 8 to go!

- Need motivated? Check out these 84 running-themed motivational posters by Runner's World. Save and/or share!

- I sure do love the FedEx man. He not only delivers my Brooks shoes and gear, but now he delivers my Hammer Nutrition orders. Friday, I finally got my refill of Hammer's Recoverite which is worth it's weight in gold...absolutely swear by it. I also got the new Endurolytes Extreme that just came out. It contains 3x the potassium and sodium as the current Endurolytes that I've been using for it's like taking 3 of them. I also got one each of the three flavors of Perpetuem Solids. Since I had such great success with the solid at the Buzzard Day 100K three weeks ago, I decided I'd use them in my upcoming ultras this Spring and Summer and try all three flavors to see what I prefer. Since I've never seen a photo of the actual solid anywhere before online, I thought I'd snap a photo of the one remaining Caffe Latte solid from a few weeks ago. It crumbles easily once you put it in your mouth and then gets kinda mushy. You definitely need a bottle of Heed to wash it down after you chew it a bit. ( can save 15% off your first order simply by clicking on the banner on the right)

- When I run, I don't wear my Garmin unless I'm embarking on a whole new area/route. I don't focus on pace, etc. I know the every 1/2 mile. It's so freeing not to wear that thing. In the dark all year long, I don't wear a headlamp, either. I just let my pupils adjust to the dark and go. Nothing like it! (I do wear reflective gear so yes...I'm smart and safe.) Anyway, I'd like to leave you today with this quote that matches up with my daily run and how I start the majority of my days here on Planet Earth:

"Leave your watch on the kitchen table and go - freely, like a child." 
- Claire Kowalchik

Have a great week, friends, and Run Happy & Hammer On!

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