Monday, April 28, 2014

M-Cubed for 4.28.2014

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for April Twenty-Eighth, Two Thousand Fourteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- Ahhh, yes. The day after the pounding of a road marathon. This video may be 7 years old but it's timeless. If you've covered 26.2 miles before and haven't seen it, here are your Monday morning of charge! Stairs...crossing the street...yes, than can be a challenge today. Click here to view. For me, I can't explain it but I feel great! Stairs, standing up out of bed...I feel great. In fact, a recovery run is on tap on my country hills before I head out the door for work today. Love this!

- If you read my race report from yesterday, I mentioned not getting a photo of the huge flag over the start. Well, a fellow runner, Steven Hahn Sisco who read my report sent me two photos of the start. I had already published my race report so I thought I'd share them today. "Thanks, Steven!"

- As an active duty Navy Officer recruiter, we have a magazine in our world dubbed "Recruiter Magazine." My command leadership has been wanting to do a story on me and my running adventures but they haven't been able to because of no acceptable photograph. Usually, I'm wearing Hammer Nutrition across my chest which doesn't work for an official Navy publication. Either Navy gear or something military-like. Yesterday, I ran while wearing the Team RWB jersey which would work. At the finish, much to my surprise, our public affairs guy from headquarters was there in his uniform to get official photos. SO, it turns out that they will be doing a story now. I'll be sure to share once it gets published. I'm not sure the direction of the story that will be taken but I'm looking forward to seeing what he/they do with me.

- Somebody graduated to the front seat this past week! Love my baby girl!

- Speaking of Hammer Nutrition, I have to give huge props yet again. While yesterday didn't contain a lot of Hammer since it wasn't an ultra and I wasn't carrying a pack, bottle, or anything, my only nutrition did involve Hammer. I took a Hammer Gel (peanut butter) around mile 9 and then another around mile 19. After warming them for a mile in my palm, they went down easy. About 1/2 hour after the finish line, a cup of chocolate Recoverite went down the hatch. I'm telling is THE key to recovery for me. You know the on the link at the top right for 15% off your first order if you want to give it (or anything else) a try. Never fails!

- Struggling this morning at all? Things going on in your life or others that just plain stinks? Well, it's a new day and it's all about how you face it, where you seek your strength, and your decision to make it the very best it can be, regardless of your circumstances. It's your decision to give in to or to rise up and overcome. Below is a song called "Overcomer" by Mandisa. I saw her in concert last great! Hopefully, it gives you the boost and encouragement you need to rise up and overcome this morning.

- I don't read blogs...nope! Ironic since I blog myself but I don't. My wife does, though, and one person she follows is Lisa Leonard. In addition to her blog, she has this line of pewter, custom-made jewelry that she makes and sells. In the mail last week was this ring that my wife got for herself. It is awesome...I mean it really stabbed me right in the heart in a good way. I know it's just our initials blended together but I love it. Lisa has all kinds of things...not just rings. I'd give her a click and check out her site. You never might just find something yourself.

- When I set out on April 1st, I had a side-goal of 225 miles for the month of April. That would even me up to an even 200 miles per month for 2014 so far. With my 50K two weeks ago and the taper into and recovery out of it plus my taper this past week for the marathon, I'm not going to hit it. I "might" hit 200 or 190, instead. That's ok, though. It was like a "C" goal...not an "A" goal. The "A" goal was to race strong and have fun this month...a busy racing month and I did! I don't have another big race until Father's Day weekend down in the West Virginia mountains so I've got some time now for some good 'ol fashioned #runhappy miles and a chance to ramp it up a bit.

- This week's quote...captured from the daily postings of Gibson's Daily Running Posts.

"Accomplishing an unconventional or seemingly unattainable goal is a challenge, one we can all meet if we choose. If you undertake a project, physical or otherwise, you must first make the decision to reach the goal, then put all your energy into it and not doubt yourself in the process."

-David J. McGillivray, The Last Pick: The Boston Marathon Race Director's Road to Success

Have a great week, everyone! Choose to MAKE IT GREAT!

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