Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Month in Review: April 2014

I am thinking of naming the last day of each month "Runners' OCD Day" and specifically for those who are logging their miles. It's the morning of the last day when you look at the log and think: "Well, if I do x, y, or z, I'll end up with (fill in the blank)." How we planned the month from the 1st weighs in on this and how the month went sure does, too. I had a side goal of 225 miles for April. That would've evened me up to 200/month average for 2014. I knew it would be a challenge for one primary reason: I had two major races this month and often the miles taper off before a race and slowly build back up after a race. With two races, there would be several days with nothing logged or very little.

Some analytics, first: 30 days in the month. Ran 18, took 12 off. (Quite surprised by this and not overly thrilled by it, either!) I also ran a 50K trail race and a marathon. The former beat the heck out of me and I was a little slow dragging my butt back out on the roads and the latter still continues to freak me out today. No recovery needed...NONE! I wasn't sore one bit after 26.2 pounding miles on asphalt. That defies all logic so if you have a miracle answer, please chime in! Here's my log, just for full disclosure and sure...feel free to count those ZERO days yourself!

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I guess I kinda let the cat out of the bag by showing you that. See that blue square? That's confirmation of Runners' OCD. I woke up this morning to 182.5 miles. Something about that 200 mile mark just irked I ran 13.1 with my wife so she could get her half marathon-a-month goal met and I ran the 21.5...all in a Spring 50F or so rain. It was a great run and not exactly how you recover 3 days after a marathon. I felt great before...I feel great what's the problem? As for the stray .5 miles over 21...that was to even out the month at 204 miles. Death to the decimal! (Yes...Runners' OCD again)

Summing up the month, I can't really complain about a single thing. I had fun at both races, I ran great times (especially on Sunday) at each, and I continue to be injury free and recovering stupid fast. I even got in a birthday run on April 16th only 4 days post 50K. What was that? Like 45+ kilometers? I wanted at least 41K to match up with my age but I was still a ways off from my driveway when I passed that point...and no ultra runner calls for a ride unless they are broken or dying. Capiche?

Speaking of recovery...all I can really attest to is that I've been very consistent in how I fuel before, during, and after my races and very long runs. I have preached it before but I'll keep on going with it...Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite is just the best thing ever. I drank it after this morning's 21.5 and right after those two races and my birthday run. I can't pin my recovery success to anything else at all. That's gotta be it along with my body just adapting and overcoming multiple races. I'm sure that's part of it, too.

Leaning forward, May is quiet so it's very possible that I may hit that 225 but we'll see. The only bib I'll be pinning on will be on May 31st at a half marathon in Medina, OH. Other than that, the big one now looms on the near horizon...the Highlands Sky 40 Mile Trail Run in the eastern West Virginia Mountains on Father's Day weekend. 3 major climbs in the first 19.7 miles then a breathtaking run through a protected National Wilderness named Dolly Sods. This will be my 2nd trip there and I promise to run more and take less photos this year. Promise. 44 days!

On to May!

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