Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Taper to FTPR 50K

This is the week of good behavior. I'm very much a non-traditionalist. While most runners, especially newbies, follow a regimented schedule and strictly follow a "taper" to a race, I mostly taper before a race if I remember to...seriously. I run for the joy of it, to run strong, and give everything I have...and I recover extremely fast. So this Saturday is my 28th ultra marathon, the Forget the PR 50K. I figured that over the weekend, I'd better cut back the miles and take it easy this week. Last year's FTPR 50K went very well for me. It was chilly, muddy, and for me...fast. This Saturday's forecast is looking quite nice, considering the weather we've been given over the winter. 60s or low 70s and no rain in the forecast. Not the "best" for me but no way am I complaining after the cold and record power bills all winter long. I would like to do well and hold my own this Saturday.

Yesterday, I had to go to Columbus for a meeting so I simply routed my trip through Wooster so I could pick up my race packet at Vertical Runner-Wooster. Basic bib, a standard ceramic mug with the race logo on it, and some freebies. Before I hit the road, though, I squeezed in 7 beneath the stars. This morning, it was pouring, high winds, and in the 40s. Since I didn't "have" to run, I opted not to. However, this afternoon dealt mid-50s and sun so I harnessed up my dog and hit the road for an afternoon 5. To put it nicely, she is WAAAAYYYYYY out of shape! I nearly had to drag her the last 2 miles. She used to knock out 7 miles with no trouble. The silver lining is that she kept me slow which was the smart thing to do. I also wore my brand new pair of Brooks Cascadia 9 trail shoes...on the road. I nearly forgot to take them out for their virgin miles. How stupid would I have been to lace up a brand new update/model of a trail shoe on race morning having never run in it. I nearly did! I had heard that this shoe ran a little bigger and has a larger toe box and some runners had to knock it down a 1/2 size. I definitely agree that the toe box is bigger as my right toe box is a bit folded when tied tight but the length is where I want it. So, while it's not "perfect," it will do just fine. The Cascadias felt great...even on pavement. I kept running on the berm and when I could find a little bit of mud or soaking wet grass, I dove in, purposely trying to get my feet wet. I wanted the shoes to loosen up so I could tighten them to how I'll wear them on Saturday where I'll be in mud and going through stream crossings. Goal accomplished, laces adjusted, and shoes are dirty and ready. No more plans to run this week except for an easy 5 miler tomorrow morning and then two days of nothing but rest and eating smart while hydrating. Everything else is a go.

After FTPR, I plan to keep the mileage up. I'd sure like to get in 225 miles this month but that's tricky with two races. While the races are high mileage in themselves, usually the days surrounding those races are little to no miles. We shall see. Why 225? Well, the "OCD Runner" in me would like to end April with 800 total miles for 2014...or an average of 200 a month. No real reason....just because! Oh yea...my 41st birthday is next week so some craziness may be on tap for that, too. We shall see.

It wouldn't be a normal post or afternoon run with Bristol without at least one running selfie, right? Right. :) Have a great rest of your week!

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