Saturday, March 29, 2014

Talking Calendars

Life is moving at such a high rate of speed, isn't it? Remember years and years ago when the first cell phones or "mobile phones" hit the market? I personally remember the big gray, heavy Motorola flip phone with the one line number display and flimsy plastic antenna that came out the top. It was huge. Many of us thought how a mobile phone would tie us down, extend our "leash" to others and be too much. Today, most of us can't go anywhere without our smart phone (and its charger...right?). At a pace that would seem insane a short 10 years ago, if we don't grab a hold of what's true, what's right, what's proper and what's most important to us, we're going to arrive one day at a realization that we've missed so much, given up so much, and forgot to "stop and smell the roses." Just this past week, I ran across this quote from Bob Goff:

"The battle for our love is fought on the pages of our calendars; we'll become in our lives what we plan for our days."

It's true, isn't it? Like our checkbook, our calendar "tells the tale" of our lives and where we place our priorities. I constantly put myself in check, re-evaluate myself, look silently at the calendar, talk with my wife about what we're doing today, this week, this month, for vacation in a few months and even a year+ from now. What does my calendar say about ME? What does YOURS say about YOU? Do you like what it says?

For me, my life is a balancing act between the roles of 1) Husband, 2) Father, 3) Sailor (career), 4) Local church and 5) that order. Actually, to be real, #4 and #5 should probably be flipped. They go back and forth, actually. So, as I plan every day and months in to the future, I have to weigh it all and ask myself if it's ok to trump another priority for the sake of another. "Do I race on Sunday and miss church? Am I really leading my family when I do that? What am I telling my wife? My girls? My church family? Those who are watching silently?" Within each realm is all the details spun up so tightly. What/where/when/how questions, ya know.

In running, I have grown much more picky about what I run, specifically the races I support. I ask, in advance, what it supports. Where does the money go after entries are tallied? What have others said of this race in the past? I also consider it an honor to run under the header of a company who has chosen me, most notably Brooks Running and most recently, Hammer Nutrition. Brooks has shifted how it does sponsorship so while they are still involved but they have taken a 2nd place to Hammer Nutrition which embodies so many qualities I look for, not only in nutrition products but in ethics, ways of doing business, business rules, commitment to quality, keeping ALL of their products "Made in the USA" and their very direct, intimate communication to us, the sponsored athletes. I LOVE to run for them.

Over the past few years, I've begun wearing the Eagle, too. You most likely have seen the red shirts at races with the eagle on them saying Team RWB (Red, White, Blue). I became an ambassador for them over a year ago but didn't do anything more than wearing the jersey because they really weren't alive yet in my area. Much to my joy, that's changed recently and a brand new chapter has emerged right in my backyard, the Team RWB Akron/Cleveland chapter. I am really looking forward to getting involved with community events, meeting fellow veterans, and wearing the Eagle more than ever before. Less than a month from now is my "token marathon" for 2014 at the inaugural Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon in Canton, OH. It's a Team RWB event so I'm really looking forward to seeing many of them out there. I really can't wait for mile 21...1000 full size American Flags lining the course. Chills for sure!

Speaking of planning my calendar, I've made some big decisions for the fall, booked some hotels, and have a plan..finally.  The big one is going to be a trip to Maryland in November for an old-school 50 miler under fall foliage. Of course...wearing the Eagle and adorning my skin with temporary Hammer tattoos everywhere. :) (see tab at top of page for future events)

So what does your calendar say to you? Your checkbook? Like it, love it, hate it? Only one person can change that.

Have a great one, friends, and Hammer On!

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