Sunday, March 23, 2014


It's a scary place,
Alone all inside here
Doesn't appear to be a way out
Not an exit to take or escape

It's suffocating at times
All Alone within my own self
Like a ton of bricks
Crushing, weighing down, hopeless

Where is the exit? Where is the door?
Is my being Alone punishment for something I've done?
Or is it even real? Is it a trick?
Is it a creation of my own psyche?

Or perhaps it's a lie. A lie the enemy wields upon me.
Maybe I'm not really Alone, maybe I have all I need.
He was right, ya know
"Even if you had someone, you'd reject them."

It's not fun. It's dark. It's a rabbit hole. It's dangerous.
Alone is not something to grab on to or see...but it's there.
In a crowd or literally all alone, it's the same
But where? Where is the escape?

I combat it on my own. With my own, I mean what I can see.
I am winning. I am fighting. I "know" I'm not really Alone.
"How?" you say. "How do you know?"
Because of Him. Because I know Him. Because He knows me.

It may be dark. I may feel abandoned. I may struggle.
But I am not Alone...not truly. I call...and He answers.
Abba. Father. Jehovah. Christ. My All in All.
Oh how the enemy does not like to lose.

(h)e had me in his grips once, I had one foot in the grave
While I stood Alone, though...I was not.
His almighty hand caught close to the grave I was.
Captured, held tight, saved, redeemed.

So can continue to reign down your attacks
You can preach in my ear how Alone (y)ou think I am
But you will fail, you have been defeated long ago
Cast down, punished, weaker than my strongest power

I am not...
I never will be...

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Mom said...

Nick, you are not alone although you may feel like you are.