Monday, July 29, 2013

M-Cubed for 7.29.2013

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for July Twenty-Ninth, Two Thousand Thirteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- How has your July been? It seems like just yesterday that I put away my winter running gear and now, August is knocking which signals the return of school buses, the county fair, and fall sports. The next thing you know, the mall will be decorated for Christmas! However your July has been, I encourage you to go above and beyond and finish well. You've got 3 days!

- Starting this past Saturday at 5am, this year's Burning River 100 Miler took place. It was the coolest and rainiest year on record which created havoc on the course in the form of mud. Most years, it is hot and humid. So many friends ran it or volunteered and all have priceless stories to tell now. To those who finished: well done and congratulations!!! Enjoy that buckle and never forget the journey that took you to today. For those who toed that line but had to stop, let me encourage you today to never give up on your dreams. This is just a hiccup and a learning experience. Stand up, find the good in it (that always exists), and keep your eyes focused up and forward. You are not defined by a finish or a DNF. Today is a new day! To the volunteers: THANK YOU!!! Impossible without your selfless service.

- Our life is truly a series of decisions, outcomes, and more decisions. The fork in the road takes many forms, happens with every decision, and often is irreversible. This is also true as parents for our kids. I am thinking back to my wife when as a little girl, she met another little girl out west on vacation because the parents were vacationing in the same location. They didn't know each other beforehand. 30+ years later, they are still friends, can look fondly back on great memories from that friendship that happened for years after the initial meeting, and now our kids can benefit from that relationship and the "splinter effect" from it. I am also thinking about living for today and choosing to bless those around us. One thing I have learned is that no matter how much you exude kindness and humility on some people, their heart remains dark and bitter. It takes a strong person to keep doing the right thing in that situation while the darkness continues to spew out but we have to...or that crud will darken us. We have to move forward...we have to bring the light...and often, we have to leave people (both friends and family) behind. For we choose our next step and us do they. Stay in the light, friends. 

- Did you hear about Chad Rogers from Liberty, Missouri? He went on a run at 8:30pm last Monday night and never returned. A stay-at-home dad, father of one, married, and avid marathon runner, he was searched for by hundreds of volunteers throughout the week. Late in the week, a construction worker found him in a port-a-pottie along his normal route and in an area that the bloodhounds had led searchers to. No explanation as of this morning but family and friends are already planning events to honor his life. My wife and I are tending to think he had some kind of cardiac event while using the bathroom but we're only guessing. It's not often, but I do hear of the occasional runner who is as fit as can be but dies out on a run. We simply NEVER KNOW when our time is up. It does sound like Chad was well-respected and looked up to by his friends, family, and community. RIP, Chad.

- What's your passion? Are you doing it? No? Write it down and write out a plan to accomplish it...starting today. 

- In our home, we have filled countless plastic bags with clothes for donation. We have done it and our girls have done it, too. If you are like many, you are holding onto so much "just in case." Start by picking maybe just one shelf or one closet and ask yourself when you last wore each item. Haven't touched it in the past year? GONE! Don't look at it again! In the bag it goes and on to someone else who doesn't have the problem of "too much." My wife started this trend when she hit 40 last fall and it has rippled through our family and home. Last week, I got rid of more in my "corner" in the basement than ever in my life. Big deals for me were recycling YEARS of Runner's World and Consumer Reports magazines, adding much to the "garage sale corner" and donating 2 laptops and one desktop computer to a veterans re-use program. I made a huge difference down there and can't wait to attack it again!!! Start small and watch yourself accomplish great things ... and tell your kids what you're doing. Before you know it, they'll be standing in the doorway holding plastic bags full of "stuff" and asking for more bags! "Less stuff, more quality!"

Have a great week, friends, and Run Happy!!!


Anonymous said...

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Nick B said...

Thank you. No, this is my only blog that is active. I still have my daily journal blog that I wrote daily while in Afghanistan but of course, I no longer write there. It's linked in one of the tabs at the top.