Saturday, July 6, 2013

Solid Week of Running

It's been a pretty good week of running in my book. I have to stay away from the evil trap of comparisons with other runners, too. Some have hit the century mark (100 miles) for the WEEK while others are hitting 100 for the MONTH for the first time ever...which is awesome. Every runner out there runs for themselves and only answers to themselves. We've all heard the mantra "Either you ran today or you didn't." True dat! There is no escaping it. Could I be fitter, lighter, stronger, faster, etc. etc. etc. if I did this, that and the other? Sure could. Am I 100% happy about where I am right HERE and right NOW? Sure am.

This week was the week of 10s. Four 10-milers and one sprinkling of a 6 miler. 2 days of rest. My running week goes from Sunday to Saturday so today was my fourth 10. Six of which was with my bride and 4 were alone. They were all soaking minus any rain in the air. We've been getting this swath of humid air coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and it's been amazingly thick. It's appreciated, though, because my 'milestone' race in only 7 days away at the Buckeye Trail 50K. It'll mark 6 years to the day since my first ultra-marathon finish and also my 50th finish of a marathon or longer. To date, I stand at 27 marathons and 22 ultra-marathons. By the end of 2013, those numbers will be equal or within 1 or 2 of being equal. The calendar isn't quite set through the end of 2013. Many unknowns in my work schedule.

I'm also on page 100 of a book I'm reading by Jamie Summerlin...Freedom Run. Last year, he ran from Coos Bay, Oregon to the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD in 100 days for wounded veterans. We met at my last race a few weeks ago and I picked up his book. In his journey in the book, he just crossed into Nevada from Oregon and made the comment that his body had adjusted to running an ultra-a-day. I hesitate to call it "easy" but he was basically recovering overnight from a 30-mile+ effort every day. That made me think of this week's four 10-milers. Since my newest commitment (the West Virginia Trilogy) has a 50K, then a 50 miler, and ends with a half marathon in the mountains, I bet I could really have some fun with a few weeks where I run the same mileage for consecutive days and then ramp that up through the summer. For example, I'm thinking of doing 7 days of 7 miles a day. Then another week, make it 10 miles a day for 7 days. Something like that. Perhaps three to five 15-milers and even seven of them. All just thoughts today but I think my body would respond very favorably to this, especially if I fuel correctly, recover the right way, and keep a diet rich in what my body needs. Eventually as I train towards the Trilogy, I want to mimic the back-to-back high mileage without actually doing the full distance...just to be prepared. All just thoughts in my head right now on my cranial chalkboard.

So for now, I'm happy with an easy 46 mile week. Very happy with that. I'm also feeling fit, strong, and ready for next week's 50K over the Buckeye Trail. It's typically hot and humid (which is my Achilles Heel) but this humid running and my recent 40 miler are in my back pocket. I want to crush it and will leave it all out there.

Time to enjoy the weekend. Make it great, everyone!

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Kim said...

I agree with you Nick, it never pays to compare to some other runners mileage per week!
Sounds like you are getting dialed back into the running scene too.
I also embraced the mugginess today. It's not going away anytime soon!