Monday, July 15, 2013

M-Cubed for 7.15.2013

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for July Fifteenth, Two Thousand Thirteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

- If you didn't read my race report from two days ago, I got another 50K finish. My 23rd ultra finish and 50th finish of a marathon or longer. It was nasty. It beat the heck out of me. I still feel it's wrath today via hot/cold spells, overall tiredness, and just the whole body-catching-up routine that I've been through before.

- A week ago, I committed to one of my best friends to run with her yesterday morning. She is training for another half-marathon and needed 9 miles. Confident as I could be PRE-race, I said "Sure!" as I knew a recovery run is always a good idea and this would force me out the door yesterday. Today, I'm glad I committed to that. However, that was a humid mess! I have no pain, no blisters, or anything like that...I was simply pooped! Plus, the humidity just made it hard for me to breathe so apologizing endlessly, I took little walking breaks and she'd circle back to get me. "You're seeing me like no one else ever does!" I told her, "but I won't quit." It worked out well on my 8.2 mile loop, too. She didn't have to tack on that 0.8 mile at the end. All of her circling back to round me up worked out in the end and she got her run in and I was brought to the edge of death least it felt that way. The rest of the day continued with church then a 2hr nap followed by "honey-do's" around the house, mowing the yard in 87F, humid air but ended with a little date night with my girls at Outback Steakhouse.

- Anyone else watching "Whodunnit?" on Sunday nights? It's like the modern day version of the "Clue" board game. My girls are absolutely glued to it and talk about it all week until it's on again. It's a reality game where one contestant is killed off each week and they all try to figure out the "killer." All clean and nothing bad about it...a cool concept and a departure from the normal reality shows, etc.

- Call off today or go to work? I wanna call off and go back to bed...for like 12 hours. But, the "good person" in me says go to work. To work I shall go. :-( Speaking of work, that's about to change big time in a short bit. I'll talk more about it later but it's safe to say that I'll be wearing a whole lot more of my Navy uniform very every day. No, I'm not making another 7,000 mile trip across the world to the Land of Taliban and no, I'm not leaving my girls. It's all good!

- Yesterday, I woke up to a couple of stories that have people up in arms. The big one is the George Zimmerman verdict. Since I wasn't in the courtroom, I wasn't on the jury, and I don't trust the media for a second, I'll plead the 5th on that topic. I encourage you to do the same unless you have some amazing intel into all of it. Just keep on living and treating others how you want to be treated. Period. Pretty surprised, too, to hear about that "Glee" star "Finn" being found dead at the age of 31 in Vancouver, Canada. He's had a substance abuse problem but most recently, was doing quite well. I'm guessing overdose but we won't know until later today. Today is the autopsy.

- I will admit: races like Saturday's 50K make me question all of my running. "Am I really that pathetic?" "Maybe my time has come and gone." "That was embarrassing." Very, very easy to fall into the rabbit hole of pity and doubt and forget the long line of finish lines that preceded that day...finish lines that are barely a month old, even. "This too shall pass" is something I just need to remember. It will and I will race again and get even more of those finish lines. One thing that helped was a friend on Facebook commenting on a link I posted yesterday. He mentioned that my posts inspired him to start running and now he's hooked. That one little sentence meant the world to me and I'm thankful for it. I really did need that! I also found this snazzy photo of me just before the Boston Store Aid station nearing the bottom of Rollercoaster Hill. AIRBORNE!

- I might have slept well last night if I had closed the door to my bedroom. My chubby Seal Point Siamese seemed to purr all night, wanted his ears rubbed, and perched himself atop my chest or back, whichever was pointing up. "Good grief, Berkeley!"

- The 36th running of the Badwater Ultramarathon is this morning! The 135 mile trek from below sea level in well-over-100-degree-heat starts in multiple waves this morning. A friend and Columbus Marathon race director, Darris Blackford, is there and running his first. His wife, Star, is by his side and will crew him to the finish. You can get all of the updates and list of starters here. (Remind me NEVER to do such a thing!!! ... and people call ME crazy!!!)

The clock is ticking, there is no stopping it, so to work I must go. I wish you all a wonderful week and challenge you to live it selflessly and without regret. Choose to look up and bless those around you...and regret nothing!

Run Happy, friends!

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