Monday, July 22, 2013

M-Cubed for 7.22.2013

M-Cubed (Monday Morning Musings) for July Twenty-Second, Two Thousand Thirteen...a random smattering of thoughts that end up here on Monday morning.

I LOVE the halo rims around the headlights.
- I think I could've blogged daily over the past week. It was a busy much so that I never sat down long enough to write. I guess that's why M-Cubed exists, right? Why not start off with a test drive? My wife and I have been drooling over the current Chevy Camaro. Ever since "Bumblebee" arrived in the new Transformers movies, we've loved it. So, with a friend who sells them a few towns over, we stopped by last Friday for a test a ragtop! Did we love it? Oh yes. Broke a little traction, too, as I don't think I've ever driven a rear-wheel drive car before. Love it enough to save for it and drop the cash for it? I need to think on that one. I'd love a boat to ski behind, too. :-)

- Last year, Canton OH had their first marathon...dubbed the "Canton Marathon." I didn't run it but I heard about the fall-out months after. Bills not being paid, a cat-fight between the co-owners/directors of the race. A black-eye on the local running community and an embarrassment. That debate continues today as the 2nd installment never happened last month. So, just yesterday a new marathon was announced: The Hall of Fame Marathon and Half Marathon. The executive race director is a friend of mine and fellow Brooks ID athlete. He has assembled a great team, the money has been fronted to ensure all parties are paid, and he's got the support of the city, police/fire, and is endorsed by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. In fact, the finish line is at Fawcett Stadium! Reading more and more about it, I discovered, too, that they are offering FREE entry to all active and reserve military so this race is now the first race on my 2014 calendar. I'm really excited to see where this goes and really thrilled to see who is at the helm. Way to go, Jim! (Note: registration costs are ridiculously low right now through August I highly recommend you consider it now instead of later.) Race Website:

- It was a great recovery week post-Buckeye Trail 50K. 3 days of rest and 4 days of running. 8.2mi, 6mi, 10mi, and 11.8mi for a total of 36 miles for the week. That's called "Runners OCD"...the inability to have a non-whole number in your weekly mileage total unless there is a race in there. With that, I started a bit of a streak. A few weeks ago, I threw out the idea of doing a week where I'd run every day and at a minimum distance each day. For the past 3 days, I've run at least 10 miles a day. I'd like to keep that up and get in 10 or more through this Thursday. Today is Day 4 and it's a beautiful sunrise out there in the mid-60s...kinda calling me out! I'm considering an evening 5K race on Wednesday night, too. 10 dollar entry fee to support a local school...hard to pass that up. I haven't raced a 5K in many, MANY years.

- Have you seen Kevin James' "Here Comes the Boom" movie? I didn't have high hopes at all and certainly didn't expect a good family flick and great message. I got both and highly recommend the movie for all. Who would've thought MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) would be part of a family movie?! We "rented" it for free at the library. Here's the trailer:

- Did you know it's blueberry month? My wife and I shared some blueberry vino at our favorite winery down in Amish Country on Friday. Yesterday was National Ice Cream Day so I celebrated as well with my little girls at the local DQ. Gotta celebrate! :-) Hey, I'll run it off this morning...never pass up a Pecan Cluster Blizzard!

- CAVITY?! Yea, I got one. Semi-annual dentist appointment was a few days ago and visiting him again in a few days to get it filled. Good grief.

- I took a lot of photos this week on the run and would like to share them with you. I run the same route through the country with minimal variations but I always seem to find more things to capture along the way. Enjoy!
I'd like to call this "Bovine Photobomb"! 

This guy had just finished his journey across the road without getting smooshed. Great job! :)

We delayed our run until AFTER the storms...but some clouds lingered!

- I also spent some time cleaning up my "stuff" in the basement over the weekend and digging more through things from my deployment to Afghanistan in 2011. In there, I uncovered a few photos I hadn't seen before. A guy handed me a CD-ROM of photos but I had never opened it. Here is my favorite one. I was waiting for my helicopter flight at Camp Mike Spann in northern Afghanistan on a very hot day. I remember how hot it was because my iPhone shut itself down due to the heat. Anyway, I was getting what shade I could while waiting my turn for the flight...and as you can shade at all.

- To close out today, I'd like to leave you with a quote from Ernest Hemingway: 

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them." 

I've got a battery of stories both good and really bad. Perhaps I'll write my memoir someday and share them...or not! Either way, I think we all want to trust...we want to have that kind of open relationship with others. Unfortunately, it just isn't always a reciprocal relationship and that's where the pain waits. On the flip side, it can be beyond amazing to find that person who shares the same trust with you. Just some thoughts to ponder for you this Monday morning.

Have a great week, everyone, and Run Happy!

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