Saturday, February 27, 2010


love green grass, lush woods, animals scurrying across the trail, trickling streams, and moss-covered logs.

always seem to have an active goal to pursue and if I can't or if something is in my way, it wrecks my world. Yes, I am a Type A personality and a "Pure D" on the DISC personality test.

won't sacrifice my family, my faith, or my service to my country for anything, anyone, or any selfish pursuit.

don't need to be reminded that I ran 3 100-milers last year and maybe that's why I'm having physical problems this year. "Gee...I never thought of that!" I can give you names of several people who ran double that and more and have NO issues. Thanks for the encouragement! I had almost forgotten about that little kettle sitting my my dresser and the two buckles beside it.

am pretty much over this snow, winter, sub-freezing temps, and cruddy roads. Go ahead, U.S. Navy, offer me a full-time job again down south and watch me accept it and say "Goodbye!" to this for good. Seriously.

am not surprised that we get push-back from others regarding our radical change in how we handle money and finances and our newfound view on the evils of debt. It's counter-cultural and far from being "normal." Our must-have-now borrow-ourselves-into-oblivion-brainwashing has got to end if we ever want our country back. Time to get our house in order and stop being a slave to the lender. I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay myself interest instead of paying the banks interest. Maybe it's just me. Oh yea, Marjie's Pilot drove much better this week without having to drag that payment book behind it anymore.

love Fridays at Chick-Fil-A between Lent and Easter. They have a fantastic, once-a-year, fish sandwich for 99 cents for those who want fish on Fridays. For me, give me "#1" off the menu AND a fish sandwich. Thank you!

would like the impenetrability of Jack Bauer. He got stabbed a week ago in his abdomen that killed a guy moments earlier and it was like it never happened. Nothin' ever bothers that guy. Even jumper cables shocking the tar out of him.

just picked up my new Osprey backpack from Steep and Cheap. $100 retail and got it for $54 shipped. Awesome versatility and able to hold a bladder for water on the trail. Looking forward to using it on the Appalachian Trail in a few weeks when I start at sunrise and hike to sunset.

am going to be quoted in UltraRunning absolute favorite mag. The editor asked if she could quote me in my recent blog post about the mind and body connection. Sweet!

need to burn calories or I'm going to gain back the 50lbs I lost a few years ago. No gym membership, no treadmill, and not able to run much at all. If not for my body, for my sanity. It may be time to awaken my tri-bike in the basement. Haven't been on it since 2001 after finishing my 2nd Half-Ironman. Oh yea, get the snow out first.

think it's really cool when someone like Carrie Underwood who is hugely successful, a multi-Grammy Award winner, and rollin' in the dough...still writes and releases songs that are against the grain of the mainstream and stay true to her upbringing and faith. She's right...this is "just our temporary home."

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Sensationally Red said...

I'm surprised you're getting push back from people in regard to your debt free living pursuit. I used to get it all the time, but not so much now in these recessionary times. I imagine the people you're getting it from are people mired themselves deep in debt, and like pigs in mud, they want you to wallow with them. Absolutely, this country needs to be re-brainwashed to an earlier simpler time. Keep it up Nick!