Sunday, February 7, 2010

P Ninety What?

Unless you are living in a void, you most likely have heard of P90X. Either by flipping through channels on the tube and seeing one of their infomercials, from a friend or acquaintance, or in the press. I heard of it when Marjie ordered it many, many months ago. I never gave it any consideration but she's always said I should try it. In the past few months as I've gone through physical therapy for my strained adductor muscle and my trail running has essentially been on a hiatus, I've been searching for new ways to strengthen my core and upper body to prevent this type of injury from happening again. You all needs to be strong in the mid-section so all the muscles can work in harmony and not force one or two muscles to do all the work. If I expect my body to go for 30+ hours during a 100-miler, I've got to broaden my horizon and cross-train...something many of my fellow ultra-trail runner friends don't do...and nor have I.

So enter P90X. I'm not preachin' it. I'm just putting it out there to give myself a dose of accountability. Heck...if I tell YOU that I'm committing, then I consider you my phantom silent partner holding me accountable. Whatever works, right? So if Marjie has been telling me to do it, why now? That answer is twofold: 1) I want to run strong again on the trails...and the 100-miler is my passion. I want to go the distance again...I want to suffer...I want to celebrate. In order to do that, I must find something to make me stronger than ever before. 2) Pink. Yea, the singer. Marjie was watching an episode of Oprah on the DVR yesterday and Oprah was interviewing Pink about her Grammy performance. If you saw it, you'll never forget it. Anyway, she's not endorsed by P90X but guess what, that body of hers is partly due to P90X. She wrote it off as just a bunch of DVDs she does, but it's part of her, she's a gymnast...that doesn't hurt, either. Anyway, that got me to watch the intro DVD for P90X.

To start, I took 6 pictures...not to be shown here until I can show you side-by-sides with some results. At the 30 day point, 6 identical pics will be taken for a side-by-side comparison. I "may" post them...we shall see. Honestly, I hope I'll want to! Then again at 60 days and 90 days. The idea behind it all is muscle confusion. Each day is about a 52 minutes workout that works different parts of your body thus adding to the 'confusion.' The workouts don't use a whole lot more than your body weight. A few weights, a band, a chair now and then...that's it. Twice a week, I'll also do a 15 minute Ab-Ripper X workout to supplement. Here's the calendar that I'll be following. I'll be following the "Classic" calendar. I won't be doing their nutrition calendar, though. I already eat very healthy and also don't want to skimp on my carbs...gotta have fuel to run. Speaking of running, this won't interfere and I won't run any less.

In the end, the ultimate goal is to be very strong whole-body and prevent another adductor injury. With trail running so dependent on strong hill strength which comes from not only strong legs, but also a strong upper body, this can ONLY help my endurance in ultra-running. If this can make ultra-running better, stronger, and more enjoyable, then sign me up.

So there you have marks Day 2 of my 90 days to see what happens. At the end of 90 days, I'll be 2 weeks from the Massanutten Mountain Trails 100 and will shut it down at that point and rest for my 36 hours (or less) through the mountains of northern Virginia.

Happy Trails, everyone!

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Sensationally Red said...

I've been living in a void, cause this is the first time I've heard about it! You do a 52 minute workout everyday? Wow. When do you find the time?? Cross-training is key, for sure. Don't forget horizontal cross-training. Margie will appreciate that, too. Good for abs and marriages.