Monday, February 15, 2010

"The Card Game"

2 days before Christmas Day 2009, I sat down with Marjie and wrote up our first written budget in over 17 years of marriage. Embarrassing, of course, since I have a strong financial background along with a graduate finance. Since then, we operate on cash only and have cut up/closed all but one credit card...the one that temporarily has a balance. This change has revolutionized our marriage in a short two months and put us on track to be purely debt free. There's a reason I've always had a great credit score...I borrow...and PAY...really well!!! My goal now? A ZERO credit score. ZERO.

I just finished watching "The Card Game," which premiered in November 2009 on PBS' FrontLine. I beg you to take 55 minutes and watch it. You will never look at your credit card, that junk mail that comes in your mail touting 0% interest, and your debit card the same. The greed and preying upon us in our country and those around the world is sickening. WAKE UP, people!!!! The practices continue because we as consumers cannot find it in our human free will to say "NO!!!" Whether you agree or not, the facts are the facts. Educate yourself, if nothing else.

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