Monday, February 22, 2010

M-Cubed for Two/Twenty-Two/Twenty-Ten

Monday Morning Musings for February Twenty-Second, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- Another weekend gone, another weekend with the Navy. As a Navy Reservist, medical readiness is a hot-topic. A "Reserve Center's" primary job is to keep us ready to deploy at a moment's notice so making sure every "T" is crossed and every "I" is dotted in Medical is an never-ending battle. The requirements consistently change and throw in a recent transfer to a new command and the whole world falls into a tailspin. To keep me "Fully Medically Ready," I had to get 5 needles yesterday. One tetanus shot which is good for 10 years, one H1N1 flu shot, one Hepatitis B shot (#1 in a series of 3), a blood draw to check my PSA level (since my Dad recently was diagnosed with prostate cancer...which, by the way, he is doing very well since a great treatment in Atlanta, GA), and another blood draw in the other arm to check for HIV and lipids (?). Don't know what that last one is, but HIV...yea, I've heard of it. I also had a dentist give me a clean bill of health, a vision test, and some one-on-one counseling with the doc to make sure the stresses of life aren't about to crack me and I'm eating healthy. All done = good to go!

- While in Columbus, I met up with "JetFuelBurner" for an evening trail run on Saturday night. I took my new Vasque's for a 2nd go at the snow and they were great yet again. It was fun running besides the packed snow in the foot-deep snow where my went down to my knees. Great workout climbing a hill while "running" in that stuff. Lung burner!!! Thanks for leading the way, Mike!

- Tickety-tock, I don't stop! I'm heading on out to Oil Creek this Saturday early morning for a 7am start at Titusville Middle School. I thought up this little run about 2 or 3 months ago, thinking it would be cool to see the Oil Creek 100 Miler course in the middle of winter since I loved it so much back in October. Now, it's grown to a point where I'm expecting 30-50 folks to show up. It should be a blast regardless of trail conditions. I just need to charge my battery well for my Canon and load up my Nathan vest and water bladder. If the trail conditions don't lend themselves to a full 50K loop, that's OK...just let me be out there for several hours and I'll be happy. Afterwards, we're all hanging out and refueling at Perk Place Cafe where the owner is both an Oil Creek 50K participant and sponsor of the event. Come on out, y'all!

- Exactly 2 months ago, Marjie and I sat down and wrote our first budget in 17+ years of marriage. Also today, we made the last payment on her Honda. 19 months early! We weren't a cent ahead in December and wouldn't be today if we hadn't made the radical changes. Come on Honda, send us the title! Now on to the next target! Roll on, debt snowball!!!! WOOT! Keys to success only 2 months in? Complete teamwork towards the goal, operating on cash-only, sticking to the budget and telling every single cent where to go, and using the envelope system.

- If you're a central Ohio ultra-runner and like to run trails or don't mind driving a few hours south, there "might" be an opportunity for a 5-6 hour night run that'll start around 6 or 7pm on a Saturday evening. The week before the BT50K is a possibility. Sitting around on Saturday nights during my Navy drill weekends simply isn't an option! Gimmee some new trails! Stay tuned for details as they are made...

- This past Friday, I took my day off and after getting my new Vasque's, hit the perfectly runnable Buckeye Trail starting at Pine Lane. Pretty cool to run 8-12" ABOVE the trail on packed snow. Absolutely breathtaking! My goal was an out-n-back to Boston Store...about 8.2 miles. Instead, I ran to Blue Hen Falls, then to Buttermilk Falls. I got some amazing photos from the day and 13 miles in. I really could've stayed out there all day. I recall one point about 3 miles from being done where I leaned against a tree that was leaning over a drop-off. I leaned on the 1.5" diameter tree....letting it gently bend...and just stopped, listened, and adored the woods and surroundings. It was just too amazing to not stop and soak it in. The few pics on today's post are from that run and here are the rest...start on picture #52.

- Lastly, how about some inspiration this Monday morning and motivation for 2010. Here's a great video compilation of mostly ultra-trail events from 2009 that was put together and released yesterday. Sooooo good! Enjoy!

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Sensationally Red said...

Congrats on paying off the Honda! My debt snowball is rolling along fine too. Amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. Glad your dad is OK. I'm going through the same scare with my dad.