Monday, February 8, 2010

M-Cubed for 2/8/2010

Monday Morning Musings for February Eighth, Twenty Ten. A smattering of thoughts that alone don't constitute a blog post but together end up here on Monday morning.

- OK, let me address yesterday morning's P90X post real quick. 2 things: I am only trying this thing out because I suspect it can make me a stronger trail runner and increase my endurance in the ultra-marathon. Second, I think many who give it a go do it because of the physical changes. That's definitely not my drive but if physically, it helps....great!

- Back to P90X: I'm humbled! The first day tore me up with a sickening amount and variety of push-ups and other upper body workouts. That 52 minutes lasted forever. Yesterday was plyometrics (or jump training). I loved that workout and sweat a ton. Plus, my heart-rate was up so high that it felt like I was back on the track doing speed-work. Today brings another (but different) upper body workout and another 15min ab ripper X workout and tomorrow, the yoga workout. I'm so sore already...

- For those of you waiting to hear about the Oil Creek 50K/100K/100M race date, it has been officially set for the October 16/17 weekend, the week AFTER Columbus Day weekend. Football schedules conflicted with the desired date so it was moved one week later. Registration is expected to open in early March. This stinks for me in a way because October marks a new fiscal year for the government so my schedule with the Navy isn't known yet. Waiting to register for this race will mean not running it because it WILL sell out. I'm stuck and frustrated. I really want to return to Oil Creek.

- Heard of the Trinity Trotters? They are a fairly new running group that run the roads of North Canton/Uniontown/Hartville areas. Hope leads this highly organized group who have been reaching a lot of goals set individually within it. I'm going to give the Valley a break this Saturday and head on down to Uniontown to run with them for a cool 18 miles. However, many in the group do much less and are fairly new runners. Runners of all abilities are welcome. I love what Hope has done with the Trotters and have been wanting to give them a try. Check out their blog for all the group run details each week!

- We had over 30 people crowd into our home for a Super Bowl Party last night. For me, I couldn't care less about the game. I really only watch for the commercials. Volume down during game. Up for the commercials. As a past business student, I love to see how a company will blow 2.8 million dollars for a 30 second opportunity to convince me that I should buy their product.

WINNERS (as voted for by ME)
  • Doritos: Dog Gets Revenge (awesome pay back!!!)
  • Hyundai: New Car (a beautiful car and more than just this commercial to prove it...nice job, Hyundai)
  • Bud Light: Voice Box (not quite the "Wuz up???????" commercial, but still pretty funny)
  • Dodge Charger: Man's Last Stand (REALLY liked this one...nice job!) (I will watch your vampire shows with you...classic!)
  • Dove: You Are a Man
  • Two movies made my "To See" List: Robin Hood and The Bounty Hunter (romantic comedy with Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler)
  • VW: Punching Game (nice marketing many people will be getting punched today? Nice way to get people talking about your product...and punching each other!)
  • Google: Parisian Love (my top vote! Google kept it simple and hit a grand slam with this pick for the Best Commercial of Super Bowl 2010!)
LOSERS (and there are many)
  • Budweiser Clydedales: for me, the most anticipated commercial of the night and such a let-down. Texas Longhorn meets Clydesdale. Really? Back to the drawing board, Budweiser.
  • Census of America: so Mr. U.S. Government spent 2.8 million to tell us about the census? Another example of just throwing money right into the inferno for what? It wasn't even a good commercial. Dumb Cubed!
  • Dockers Wear No Pants and CareerBuilder's Casual Fridays: both equally stupid and filled with average day Americans in their granny-panties on national television. Am I sprinting out to buy some Dockers or visit
  • Tebow and Mom: lots of hype about how Focus on the Family got behind Tim Tebow for this commercial and unless you know the story, it meant NOTHING!!! They had the opportunity on a national stage to take a stand against abortion and they blew it. In case you're wondering: when Tim Tebow's mom was pregnant with him, the doctors recommended aborting him...that's what the commercial is referring to. Unfortunately, I'm guessing they caved to "political correctness" and kept incredibly neutral and said...nothing. Total let down.
- Some of you may recall that in 2009, I got the crazy idea (the day before) to run 36 miles on my 36th birthday. I did it and had a ton of fun. This year, I wasn't planning on it due to some other plans with my "part time job." Well, those reigns have loosened a bit and I think it wise and prudent that I kick it up a notch and do it again. 37 miles on my 37th! If things go to (my) plan, Spring will be springin' and the sun will be shinin' just like last year. Boogety! April 16th!

- My planned Oil Creek FA 50K run is still a go for Saturday, February 27th. If you thinking about running at Oil Creek this fall or just want to run in a super-gorgeous place, you should consider it. Start time is at 7am from the Titusville Middle School parking lot followed by refueling at Perk Place Cafe afterwards. Only a 2hr short drive from northeast Ohio. Check out my Facebook event for more details.

Have a great week, everyone, and Happy Trails!

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Hopeinator said...

Thanks for the Trinity Trotters shout out! Also, thanks for trotting with me today.