Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mid-Week Ramblings, etc. etc. etc

Progress on many fronts this week...been a good one so far, even though I'm on a 7 day no-days-off stretch with work combined with a Navy drill weekend.  After a really good weekend in Columbus where I began transitioning to my new command (where the more I see, the more I like), I finally contacted Dr. Shah (the local running doc that EVERYONE goes to) and set up an appointment to re-visit him with a MRI on the radar in a few weeks.  I've done everything with really no progress on my adductor problem so it's time to take a picture.  I rubbed my crystal ball last night and with no medical background, my bet is that I tore something where the adductor attaches at the top point.  (that's as graphic as I'm going to get...Google adductor and you can see where that is!)  Last year after my finish at the Burning River 100, I ran a 5 mile race hard at the Labor of Love Run on Labor Day.  Immediately following that race, I remember distinctly feeling something in the area.  Basically, 2 100-milers then racing hard (with no speed work) a month later caused "something" to happen.  That "something" remains a mystery through today.  Stand stand by.

On another front, I scored a 50% off coupon for a XTERRA sleeveless, full-length wetsuit (thanks, Dan!!!).  Already shipped from California and en route to ME.  It will arrive Tuesday and I'm actually going to try and get out to the beach at West Branch State Park or somewhere/anywhere immediately thereafter.  If I can at least remember how to swim again, I'd like to sign up last-minute for the MiltonMan Triathlon next Sunday, July 25th.  There's a sprint and olympic distance choice to make and it's only 15min from my house.  Yea, no real training but like I said, if I can swim, I can bike 20+ miles and run 6.2 miles.

And yet more progress...that being "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................."  Yea, the kids at are camp this week and last night was their sleepover night.  That meant date night for us!  There is a place that I've been wanting to try for awhile in southwest Portage County in Brimfield: Viking Vineyards.  This couple basically planted the grapes and built a winery right outside their front door and adjacent to a large lake.  Absolutely wonderful evening.  We had their famed Razzberry Reisling sitting besides the lake, watching the carp leap and big turtles pop their heads out of the water.  For dinner and to compliment the wine, we enjoyed a spinach-artichoke dip and both had a grilled panini sandwich.  I think we spent about two hours there.  Kinda sad, actually, that it's only 15min from our doorstep and we've never been there before.  Tucked away in the countryside, far off the road, and a simply perfect setting.  I thought it was so cool to park about 5 feet from grapes growing on the vine.  What an absolutely wonderful and relaxing evening.  This photo was taken from my chair, looking out over the lake.  Sunday nights, they have live, local music from 5pm - 9pm so I think a return trip on one of those evenings is in order.

Buckeye Trail 50K this Saturday morning!  It really should be a "who's who" in the trail running community with the overwhelming majority there, either running or volunteering.  My goal? Have fun and cross the finish line.  It's really that simple.  No time/performance goals or anything.  I know my adductor will cuss at me during the majority of the race but somehow, I'll find that mute doubt.

Keep on truckin' forward friends..the summer is halfway over!!!

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