Tuesday, July 13, 2010

587 Miles + 31.2 Miles More

"Dear Keen Wasatch Crest Trail Shoes,

I know you have 'been there, done that' with me over the past few years.  Hundreds of miles in 2009 while training for my 100-milers and then traveling all 100 miles at Kettle Moraine in June and again at Oil Creek 100 in October.  You have given more than any runner could ever ask for: not one blister, not one foot injury, not one thread of material on the shoes themselves falling apart.  I felt bad last December on the WaterFalls Run when I looked down and your blessed laces could give no more as they had disintegrated right before my eyes.  I'm sorry I haven't taken you back to the trails since that day.  6 months is a long time to sit in the garage with a pair of dirty Brooks Cascadias sitting on top of you.  I know...it's not easy being a set-aside "has been" pair of shoes.

I've been thinkin' a lot about you lately.  When I went back to Oil Creek over the July 4th weekend, I wore my Vasque VST shoes.  They aren't a bad pair of shoes, but on those downhills, my feet kept sliding forward.  You NEVER did that to me!  Then I got thinking and picked you up tonight to check you out.  You still have decent tread on your bottoms, you are structurally sound, and you still have some of the Buckeye Trail mud on you.  The only thing you need is some new laces, or perhaps some borrowed laces from one of your blue twins also out in the garage.  The best part?  You still have the velcro on your rear ends to hold on my Dirty Girl Blue Blaze Gaiters!

So that's the deal: you...me...and 31.2 more miles of trails together this Saturday.  No one ever said you couldn't run more than 600 miles with me."

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kccat said...

Here's to 31.2 more miles in those shoes! I can't wait to log that my miles on my trail shoes. See ya Saturday!